It's Only A Matter Of Time Before You're Involved In A Frying Pan Attack


A woman allegedly attacked a local dry cleaner with a frying pan yesterday, in what is only the latest of a series of frying pan assaults this year.

According to WDBJ7, Celeste Sizemore allegedly visited Ritsch’s Cleaners in Covington, VA yesterday, hit the owner with a frying pan, and stole money from the cash register. She’s being charged with robbery and malicious wounding. Back in February, a New Jersey woman was arrested for hitting a nine-year-old boy with a frying pan after he dropped a bagel and her dog ate it. In July, a woman in North Naples, FL was accused of attacking her boyfriend with a pan because he wouldn’t let her use his razors.
And earlier this month, a North Carolina man was arrested for hitting his housemate with a frying pan after she tried to move out using his luggage (she also allegedly threw grape jelly at his head).

At least one man was acquitted of a frying pan assault this year, and his case is pretty disturbing. According to Pittsburgh Live, Timothy Lenhart was arrested last year after he allegedly hit his fiancee in the head with a frying pan. The fiancee had broken ribs, a broken nose, and a possible concussion. One witness said he’d let her stay in his apartment when Lenhart had beaten her in the past; another said he actually saw Lenhart swing the frying pan at her head. Nonetheless, Lenhart was acquitted. He was, however, convicted of hitting a police officer who was trying to arrest him for the frying pan assault. Previously, he’d been accused of poking his fiancee in the eye with an umbrella — he was acquitted of that charge in 2009. All of which goes to show that while attacking someone with a frying pan may seem silly, the crime is surprisingly common — and can be very serious.

Thief Uses Frying Pan In Heist [WDBJ7]

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