J.Lo and A-Rod Want to Buy the Mets, For Some Reason

J.Lo and A-Rod Want to Buy the Mets, For Some Reason

In 2005, Jennifer Lopez attended a Yankees vs. Mets game with then-husband Marc Anthony and, during the national anthem, they were photographed with former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. It was the first time A-Rod and J.Lo met in person, and the Mets swept that day, beating the Yankees 7-1.

Nine years later, Anthony and Lopez divorced, and by 2017, J.Lo and A-Rod were dating. And now that they’re almost married they want to buy the Mets, Marc Anthony’s favorite team. Is it revenge? Nostalgia? A dick-measuring contest? Who knows!

Variety reports that Lopez and Rodriguez have retained Eric Menell, JP Morgan Chase’s co-head of North American Media investment banking, to help raise the hefty $2.6 billion valuation looming over the Mets. Previously, hedge fund overlord Steve Cohen was working with the Wilpon family, the Mets’ current owners, to purchase an 80 percent stake in the team. That deal collapsed, and now Lopez and Rodriguez have strolled on in, looking for a piece of the pie.

There is some cosmic imbalance, you might say, with one of the Yankees’ most prominent former players looking to purchase a rival NYC team. Where on earth did he get the idea? I already mentioned his 15-year-long dick-measuring contest with Marc Anthony. Alongside this, he’s appeared quite a bit on Shark Tank the last year, next to sports team magnate Mark Cuban. Perhaps it’s also a dick measuring contest with the private equity vulture! Men do love their sports, you know. [Variety]

On Monday, Stanley Tucci gave an Instagram “masterclass” in making a cocktail. I particularly enjoyed the part where he shakes the bottle and looks at the camera, a move which I can imagine helps make your cocktails taste that much better. I paid extremely close attention to this lesson and definitely was not distracted by the tightness of his t-shirt, or what his hands were up to. Nope! I paid lots of attention, and learned lots of things too! Maybe if you do the same, you too can make your own—hold on!—generic alcohol drink I definitely know the name of. [Ed. Note: It is a Negroni.]

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