J.Lo's Absurdly Huge Engagement Ring Could Be Worth $5 Million

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To declare his undying love for her, Alex Rodriguez went all out and got Jennifer Lopez a massive engagement ring—but the public doesn’t yet know how much it costs or just how many carats it is. To get to the bottom of this, People Magazine “jewelry experts” for their opinions on it, and their convoluted answers made the ring all the more mysterious. Who will ever know its secrets?

Andrew Fox, head of superjeweler.com, subtly flexed, letting everyone know his company has a diamond just like that:

Since Fox’s company has owned a diamond of the same magnitude, he confidently estimates the diamond ranges between 11 and 15 carats and values it between $1 to $1.9 million.

But his estimates on how expensive it was were on the lower end.

But Ajay Anand, CEO of Rare Carat, believes the ring could be worth even more. “Our team of gemologists and diamond PhD’s estimate the emerald-cut diamond is 20 carats and worth around $4.5 million,” he says. “This estimate is if the stone is D-Flawless [a very rare, colorless gem]. Since it’s A-Rod, it very well could be!”

Another expert said 15 carats and $5 million. What I want to know is if the ring is pink, like the one Ben Affleck gave her in 2002, or if it just looked that way in their engagement announcement.


As a married couple, Hailey and Justin Bieber share the same shampoo, but they do not share the same skincare products. That’s because Hailey’s secret to glowing skin is her own blood.

Here she explains it to Marie Claire (emphasis mine):

We definitely don’t share skincare, though! I moisturize with a cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm that’s formulated with my blood, so I don’t think he wants to put something that was made from my body on himself.

Lest you think you’re having a stroke, she goes on:

I’m into treatments that are really soothing, like HydraFacials, which use water and suction to cleanse. At home, I use a good hyaluronic-acid serum, SPF, and my blood cream.

Incredible. Nobody tell the billionaires, okay?

[Marie Claire]

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