James Bond Attempts to Make Beer Thrilling and Sexy


Skyfall hits theaters in November, and dashing Daniel Craig is back as James Bond. But this time, thanks to some misguided demographic target marketing, instead of throwing back martinis, Bond drinks beer. Specifically Heineken, which, you know, is European, at least? But still. It might be realistic for a sexy spy and international man of mystery to guzzle beer, aka the American college kid’s beverage of choice, but it just doesn’t seem right somehow. Daniel Craig is only on the screen for a few seconds in this commercial, but it’s chock-full of Bond-eque elements: A snowy train station; mistaken identity; a chase; rich folks gambling; bearded “Russians”; Dr. No; ice sculptures; a lady in red; and a mysterious briefcase. You will, note, however, that James Bond does not drink or even hold on to the beer — he passes it along to his civilian friend. Perhaps there’s a glass of something shaken and not stirred waiting for him elsewhere.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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