​Jennifer Lawrence Has Awesome Freakout on Paparazzi

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Everyone’s favorite woodsprite turned into a human doll, Jennifer Lawrence, had an epic moment with some photographers at the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in NYC yesterday.

While being screamed at by photographers at the premiere, she screamed ‘no, no, no!!!’ and was basically all STAAAAAAAHP, in the most awesome way ever.

Look, I know, she’s obviously joking around with them, but seriously though, this is how these guys hound people for pictures on the red carpet? Dude, she’s legit already posing for you. I thought walking the red carpet at a movie premiere would be all fun and fancy, but this shit looks terrifying. It’s like walking through a prison riot in Oz. There are literally 5,000,000,000 of this girl in existence; do you really need to scream at her like you are trying to get the last boat off the Titantic?

Katie Couric is all ‘Peace, I’m out, ABC!’ Less than a few years after signing her mega deal with ABC, she is reportedly negotiating an exit from the network in order to sign a megadeal with—wait for it—Yahoo. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Couric’s daytime talk show is in its second and almost certainly final season on ABC. She will complete the season and sources at Disney-ABC insist that a decision about the future of Katie will not be made until sometime in December after executives get a look at the November sweeps ratings.
The original deal — said to be worth $40 million — encompassed two seasons of the daytime talk show and three years at ABC News; it is standard for news contracts to be three years. It’s unclear how much the news division is paying toward Couric’s contract or how much she’ll walk away with in an early exit.

Lemme just say that again. Katie Couric is going to leave ABC and sign a deal to work for Yahoo. I will not write anything stranger than that sentence today. Can’t wait to see how she classes up that OMG! Fashion page tho. [Hollywood Reporter]

In news that will break your mind, there is a Charlie Sheen connection to the Nicolas Cage nude photo case. Because of course there is a Charlie Sheen connection. Charlie Sheen is probably connected to every story that has ever been in our Dirt Bag. Charlie Sheen is the carbon that bonds all celebrity matter to itself. (My chemistry knowledge sucks, so I have no idea if that joke is actually funny. Sorry to my science peeps!)

According to official Charlie Sheen archivists TMZ, the tape was brought up during testimony in the felony burglary trial of Ricardo Orozco, who has pled not guilty.

During the preliminary hearing Thursday, an LAPD detective testified there was a meeting between Charlie’s people and Orozco about a tape that was allegedly stolen. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Orozco said it was a sex tape starring Charlie that was on a computer.
During the hearing, the prosecutor said there was a possible link between several computers that Orozco allegedly stole and the Charlie tape

When reached for comment about the alleged sex tape Charlie Sheen said I HAVE THE BLOOD OF TEN THOUSAND DINOSAUR VAMPIRE TIGERS IN MY VEIN AND CANNOT BE STOPPED BY THE FORCES OF GOOD. So that clears all that up then. [TMZ]

Courtney Stodden has reached the eight level of enlightenment on the path to Nirvana. HAHAHA, J/K, no she’s pretty much doing her thing. [Fox]

John Landis says Hollywood isn’t in the movie business anymore. What, they make auto parts now? [Examiner]

Taylor Swift is supposedly dating someone named Douglas Booth. Hey, did you know you could set up a Google News alert for ‘Douglas Booth shirtless?’ In other news, I need serious help. [Yahoo!]

It’s Miley Cyrus‘ Birthday, y’all! Her plans are to celebrate tonight with a nice quiet evening at home, reading some Sweet Valley High books she found in the back of a closet. Oh wait; n/m that’s how I spent my last birthday. [Perez Hilton]

Oh no, Willie Nelson’s tour bus got in a wreck. Be safe, Willie. [Miami Herald]

Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca married Jonah Hill’s brother Jordan Feldstein in Las Vegas, where everyone famous makes great decisions about who they should marry. [Daily Mail]

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