Jennifer Lopez Likes to Be Reminded (by Her Home Decor) That She's Perfect


Not everyone can age as well as Jennifer Lopez, although many people, judging by the number of search results that come up when you Google “how can I look like Jennifer Lopez???”, would like to know how she does it. The Bronx-born and raised superstar has kept her beauty secrets under lock and key, simply telling E! in 2015: “I don’t think about it much. I feel super youthful.” But even if she’s lying to us about how it happens (I’m fine with that), she definitely knows that she looks flawless for her age, as evidenced by the home decor described in her new interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

According to the piece, J.Lo is really into the power of positive thinking right now, and her home is filled—just filled!—with affirmations. Some of these are on her pillows:

In a den area near the kitchen, no fewer than eight linen pillows imprinted with affirmations, bronze sculptures, ceramic trays, and wooden wall hangings vie for attention: no limits but the sky; life is short, live your dream.

These are good. There’s also this one:

And one of her personal favorites, i am youthful and timeless at every age.

Emphasis mine.

Is it pure coincidence? Maybe someone bought the pillows for her and that one just HAPPENED to come with the set. Or maybe Lopez’s agelessness is real magic and once the pillow is destroyed, she’ll collapse in a heap of dust.

“I know it’s funny,” she says with a laugh. “The affirmations are everywhere. I forget that they’re all here. They’re just part of the house now.”

However they got there, they’re here to stay!

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