Jersey Shore Producer Sleeps To The Sounds Of Drunk Snooki


Last night, 20/20 aired a special about reality television, interviewing creators and producers of some of the genre’s biggest hits. SallyAnn Salsano, who developed and executive produces Jersey Shore, let the cameras follow her to Florence, Italy, where she’s currently filming the fourth season of the show (surely you’ve heard). Salsano says she shoots about 700 hours of footage for every one of hour of Jersey Shore, because one of her golden rules is to always keep the cameras rolling. She told 20/20 that she stays awake for literally days on end watching the live feeds and daily footage of the cast — and that she loves it. She even has the feeds set up in each room of her apartment in Florence and takes the speakers into bed with her when she finally does sleep, just in case something crazy happens.

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