Jesse James Hitler Photo Revealed; James In Rehab

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  • Last week, Us Weekly declined to publish a photograph picturing Jesse James doing a “Heil Hitler” gesture. But this week, guess who’s running the picture?

Change of heart? Or did the person selling the snap drop the price? [ONTD via Us]

  • Jesse James is in an Arizona rehab facility called Sierra Tucson. The treatment center specializes in drug, alcohol and sex addiction, among others. Guess this is what Jesse meant when a cop stopped him on the freeway last Friday and he said he was going to Arizona to save his marriage. [TMZ]
  • Jesse James is allegedly begging Sandra Bullock not to divorce him, but she thinks the rehab is too little, too late. [Radar Online]
  • A “source” close to the couple says: “Sandra suspected that Jesse was cheating [before Michelle McGee came forward].” The source continues: “They got into four or five blowouts over it and every time he denied everything. He admitted going to strip clubs, but that’s it.” [Radar Online]
  • Michelle “Bombshell” McGee‘s father says she is “done” with Jesse James: “She doesn’t care [about Jesse’s other mistresses]. She thinks he’s a snake now. She did care when she thought she was the only one.” [Radar Online]
  • Brigitte Daguerre, the third lady who claims to have had an affair with Jesse James, used to be a dominatrix. [Radar Online]
  • Megan Fox has turned down the lead in the next Tomb Raider movie because she doesn’t want to be compared to Angelina Jolie. As always, consider the source on this. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Bravo has not decided if there will be a second season of the Kelly Cutrone show Kell On Earth, but Kelly has just “signed a major deal in L.A.” to executive produce and write a scripted TV show about the fashion industry. Plus, she’ll be executive producing two other reality shows and appearing on The City. [NY Mag]
  • After Michael Lohan had a press conference urging Lindsay Lohan to go to rehab. Lindsay’s friend Jenni Muro is speaking out: “As one of Lindsay’s closest friends, business partner, and former day-to-day manager… the news of any type of press conference saddens me for the simple fact that this is her FATHER. I normally do not comment or engage publicly, but it is important for people to understand how inappropriate today’s actions are. As far as the media, public, and fans are concerned; Lindsay is working on numerous projects and anyone who makes public judgments of her, it affects her more than personally. It affects her ability to do more work and prosper in all regards. I stand by my friend, always have and always will.” So wait, is she on drugs or not? [Radar Online]
  • “I have had a very bad feeling for a while that Lindsay is going to have a major injury. I fear for her. If the reports are true that she is taking pills, I would love to know who is prescribing them to her. Who are you and why are you prescribing pills to Lindsay? I have always said that Lindsay Lohan can be a wonderful, recovering person, provided she gets treatment and successfully completes rehab.” So says Dr. Drew Pinsky, who would like to have Lindsay Lohan by having her on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab. “I would love to help her any way I could, either in a public or private setting.” [Radar Online]
  • Katy Perry is working with two designers to create a two-piece wedding gown. “From the back, she wants to look like a traditional bride, with a very long train, but from the front, she wants a Vegas-style sequined number with exposed skin.” Will there also be a showgirl-style feathered headdress? Fingers crossed! [Star]
  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt ask that you now call them by their “true native-American names”: White Wolf and Running Bear. [TMZ]
  • Um, Kate Gosselin will be doing a Jon-and-Kate themed number on Dancing With The Stars. Her partner, Tony Dovolani, will be channeling Jon. What does this mean? Ed Hardy shirts? Stoned expression? “[It will be] dramatic,” says Kate. Tony adds: “Lots of drama.” [E!]
  • More DWTS drama: Pamela Anderson “can’t stand” Kate Gosselin. [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Sad face: Adrian Grenier tried to save a dog on the side of the road but it was already dead. [Radar Online]
  • “A judge is sending a man arrested outside a school attended by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck‘s daughter to a state mental hospital.” [AP]
  • The District Attorney has written a “scathing, 32-page document” to Roman Polanski, which reads, in part, “the people are fully willing to conduct a hearing on the now 32-year-old accusations, but insist on the condition that defendant Polanski present himself to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court.” In other words: Show up in court. [The Wrap]
  • The District Attorneys argue that “allowing Polanski to avoid extradition hurts the integrity of the judicial system more than revelations of alleged misconduct by a now-deceased judge who handled the case in the 1970s.” [Mirror]
  • Everything you never wanted to know about Tiger Woods‘ sex life: Now in Vanity Fair! [NY Post]
  • Will Lady Gaga do the new Bond theme song? You only live twice! [ONTD via Contact Music]
  • Kim Kardashian does not think you should text and drive: “I had an awful texting and driving experience, can’t wait to share it with u all one day! Seriously its so unsafe and its so preventable!!!” [ONTD]
  • Simon Cowell is buying his fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy a $120,000 1954 convertible Jag-you-ar for her birthday. [Perez]
  • More on this in Midweek Madness, but there were things “missing” from Bethenny Frankel‘s wedding. Also, if you want to see the dress, it’s in a picture at the link. [E!]
  • Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez has been fired by Michael Jackson‘s family after they discovered that he had a criminal record. Alvarez was the one who called 911 the day that Michael Jackson died. [Radar Online]
  • Joe Jackson intends to file a wrongful death suit against Michael Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, within 90 days. [Reuters]
  • Michael Jackson fans have raised money to fly an airplane banner over the LA courthouse when Dr. Murray is scheduled to show up; the sign will read: “We demand justice for Michael Jackson.” [TMZ]
  • This story about a practical joke Casey Affleck played on Matt Damon is kind of hilarious. Have you noticed that all gossip items about Matt Damon just reinforce the notion that he’s a great guy? [Page Six]
  • Does Stephen Spielberg have a “dome of silence” in his office and a never-used motorcycle parked outside in case he needs to make a getaway? [Page Six]
  • Anthony Hopkins is stirring up trouble on the set of Thor: He’s not impressed by the acting skills of Chris Hemsworth, who plays the title character, and also keeps complaining that they’re shooting too many scenes inside the studio and not enough on location. [Gatecrasher]
  • In a video at the link, Larry King interrupts Sinead O’Connor as she talks about the Catholic Church. (FYI: She has hair now.) [NY Mag]
  • A hair salon is suing Kelis for $5,000, claiming she didn’t pay for a hairpiece. A chance to use the ANTM catchphrase “Unbeweavable”! [Page Six]
  • Sean “Diddy” Combs made a U-turn in the middle of Sunset Boulevard in L.A., and the cops wrote him up. [TMZ]
  • From a review of The Last Song: “It’s the worst of both worlds… Displaying approximately 1½ expressions, the teenage [Miley] Cyrus pouts her way through a fire, a wedding and a funeral… This being the sort of movie where the audience knows what’s going to happen about 45 minutes before the characters do… [Miley and real-life boyfriend have] a total lack of on-screen chemistry.” [NY Post]
  • Hollywood Is Out Of Ideas Part MMMMDLXIX, ’80s Edition: Anna Faris will star in a remake of Private Benjamin. [Mirror]
  • Mindy McCready has fired off a nasty threat to the porno company planning to distribute her sex tape — destroy the tape … or her lawyer will unleash hell.” [TMZ]
  • Greenberg actress Greta Gerwig likes Chanel nail polish. [Vanity Fair]
  • Stanley Tucci is directing screwball comedy Lend Me A Tenor on Broadway, and says: “As a director, you have to have a clear vision of what you want but at the same time realize that it’s a collaborative effort. Ultimately, the three most important words a director can say are ‘I don’t know.’ You can’t pretend to know what you’re doing all the time; then you’re a charlatan.” [USA Today]
  • Kylie Minogue is the most powerful celebrity in Britain? [Mirror]
  • Life moves pretty fast! Got $60,000? You can buy the Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Oh. Yeah. [NY Post]
  • “Dresses that the late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith wore to the Kentucky Derby will be displayed at the Kentucky Derby Museum.” [AP]
  • “Deaf and hard of hearing people make up one of the largest minority groups, and yet there has never been a show, a reality documentary series that features what life is like for them. I didn’t want to wait for the networks to warm up to the idea of whether the show would be a hit or not with audiences. So I decided to put it out there on my own terns. YouTube is akin to having my own [TV] network.” — Marlee Matlin, who has a series, My Deaf Family, on YouTube. [LA Times]
  • “Rings are overrated, I think marriage doesn’t necessarily happen to two people who love each other – if you love him, I say it’s OK [to wait]. Do I want to get married? I might maybe in 10 years but I don’t see myself getting married. I don’t think marriage is as important as kids are.” — Amanda Seyfried. [Mirror]
  • “He’ll be one of the ring bearers. I don’t know if I’ll give him the actual ring. He would probably run away with it or eat it or something.” — Carrie Underwood would like to have her dog at her wedding. [Mirror]
  • “I’m looking. If you have anything, please call. But right now, it’s more like, wait, don’t rush. The most dangerous time for me was when I was like, ‘I gotta keep working.’ It doesn’t hurt to look harder and take your time.” — after rehab and heart surgery, Robin Williams is interested in doing another movie. [USA Today]
  • “My thing about politicians is that ultimately they’re never really accountable for what they do. I think that’s awful. No one goes, ‘Wait a minute, Tony [Blair] — before you go, don’t you think we have a right to know about this and this?’ People are dead, there’s blood on the streets, and is anyone accountable? I was pleased that Blair had to sit down and answer for his decisions. And saddened that Bush never will. Bush has retired to the golf course. I cannot stomach that. It’s not right. Blair hasn’t said sorry or, by all accounts, made any comment to the kids who lost their arms and legs and eyes. Probably thousands of kids – and he hasn’t visited them. I don’t know how you live with yourself, really.” — Ewan McGregor. [Daily Express]
  • “Sandra Bullock should get a dog, now that she’s ditching that ass.” — Norah Jones laughed when Bruce Littlefield said this. [Page Six]
  • “When I see the footage, I’m shocked. I see myself playing with my lemurs, and then I see footage of the stuff around my house… It does look a little Alice in Wonderland-ish. Apparently, I am very eccentric. I had no idea.” — Kirstie Alley, on her new reality show. [LA Times]
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