Jessica 6's 'Down Low' Video is Perfect For Sweaty Nights In Cool Towns


What is it about a chainlink fence that connotes the forbidden? Besides, you know, prison. From Prince and Apollonia to a recent (hilarious) episode of Dance Moms, there’s just something classically tantalizing and bad-girl about vamping about in front of one.

For “Down Low,” the humidly sexy house track from Jessica 6’s new EP, The Capricorn, the fence and a little strappy lingerie (Chromat?) goes a long way towards amplifying vocalist Nomi Ruiz’s sultry vocals and their double-meanings, as she and her crew wind and skulk like the Apollonias of yore. For those of you who have never been to New York, this is exactly how it is, all the time—we are all slinking around fences in abandoned parking lots, it is always night, and no streetlights are allowed to be anything less than crimson. WELCOME TO OUR VAMPIRE WORLD.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jessica 6 but Nomi Ruiz looks familiar, you might recognize her from her collaborations with Antony, her contributions to Hercules & Love Affair, or from her appearance as a muse and music-maker in this steamy Mugler short film:

She’s prolific, too—addition to being a Brooklyn-born Latina trans activist and inspiration to women everywhere, Ruiz is about to drop a solo R&B album under her own name, as well as a mixtape. That’ll be in the coming months, but The Capricorn is out now.

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