Jessica Simpson Is Designing Her Own Wedding Dress

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Jessica Simpson will get married by the end of the year. She is, of course, designing her own dress. “I think every bride wants to design her own dress or at least have a part in it. It won’t be like a Jessica Simpson Collection dress,” she explained. What are you saying? That Jessica Simpson dresses aren’t good enough to get married in? I think you could get hitched in this! [Extra]
Jessica Simpson on her large breasts: “There’s no way to hide them as much as you want to bandage your boobs down… Now I can make my way in and out of parking tickets: Show the girls and give a wink!” [The Superficial]

Ashton Kutcher writes love notes and encouraging messages on Post-It notes for Demi Moore and leaves them around the house. “Some have been there seven years,” Demi says. Ashton joked: “Post-it Notes are much cheaper than diamond rings.” Demi claims her fave one from Ashton reminds her that she is “magical.” Mushfest. [TV Squad]

Jennifer Lawrence — star of Winter’s Bone and the yet-to-be-filmed Hunger Games trilogy — has participated in a rite of passage for Hollywood starlets and posed in swimsuits for GQ. [E!, GQ]

Okay, so you know how the necklace in the Lindsay Lohan case was priced at $2,500? Making the theft a felony? The necklace was, of course, marked up. A lot. The designer sold the piece to the store for $850. Felony grand theft requires a value of $950 or more. Considering that the store, Kamofie & Co., also sold the surveillance video and is shopping a book deal, this whole thing is getting shadier and shadier. [TMZ]
Marilyn Manson might be in the Charles Manson movie in which Lindsay Lohan might play Sharon Tate. [TMZ]

  • Breaking: Drew Barrymore dyed her hair red. [Us]
  • Brooke Mueller has been calling her friends, asking for urine samples. She needs some clean pee, you guys, can’t anyone help? [Radar Online]
  • Matt Morrison‘s house has a rat problem. He came home and a rat was in his bed. This is not a euphemism. He’s considering selling the house. [Contact Music]
  • In regards to Charlie Sheen returning to Two And A Half Men, Warner Bros. says: “There have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series.” [TMZ]
  • Charlie Sheen Helps Grieving Widow Toast Late Husband.” [Contact Music]
  • When American Idol‘s Jacob Lusk was arrested in 2010, he sang to his fellow inmates! [TMZ]
  • Here is a story about Penelope Cruz urinating in the ocean. [Gatecrasher]
  • If you have $9 million, you can buy the beach house where Donna Martin lost her virginity. [People]
  • Nickelodeon has renewed iCarly for a fifth season. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • “The British have the greatest theatre in the world. They love to dress up and they love to play pretend. And that’s what the Royal Family is – it’s a huge game of pretend. These aren’t special people — it’s fake outfits, fake phoney hats and gowns.” — Jerry Seinfeld is not excited about the royal wedding. [Daily Mail]
  • “I don’t have any real tattoos, and I’m not interested in getting any. But it’s so much fun having a tattoo when it’s not permanent. Especially when it’s on your face. Walking around the streets of Bangkok with a face tattoo, I felt like the biggest bad*ss. I felt like no one would mess with me, and if they did, I could crush them. Of course, if somebody did start f*cking with me, I would probably start weeping and run away.” — Ed Helms on his face tattoo in The Hangover Part II. He also talks about playing Andy Bernard in The Office: ” I’m not a naturally boisterous person. Andy Bernard is a bit of a wish fulfillment for me, because I absolutely envy how passionate he is. If Andy’s in love with somebody, everybody knows it. He just puts it out there. It’s his saving grace, in the midst of all his other social handicaps.” [Playboy]
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