Jeweler Attempts to Lure Engagement Ring Buyers With Free XBox One


Considering hopping onto the “engagement season” train just as it pulls out of the station? A jeweler says they’ll throw in a free XBox One with the purchase of every engagement ring, as long as it’s got at least a 3/4 carat diamond.

That’s according to, which reports that Perrywinkle’s promises to make good on the offer through February 28.

Now, it’s lovely to imagine that at least a couple of gamers will propose to their gamer loves by proudly presenting the XBox and saying, “Let’s play Titanfall together… forever!” Ah, l’amour.

However,’s take is rather less charming: “We all know men are obsessed with video games.” Do we, though? DO WE? (We do not.) Besides, if that is Perrywinkle’s thinking, it’s wildly unromantic, the console practically canceling out the proposal. “Honey, I love you so much—please spend the rest of your life watching me TOTALLY OWN at Assassin’s Creed.” No thanks, bub!

Photo via Shutterstock.

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