Jimmy Fallon's Screengrabs Are 'Headlines' for Our Generation


In my day, we had funny headlines on The Tonight Show. It was a segment where the host would mock delightfully weird or absurd items featured in newspapers (“Cop Makes Arrest in Bathroom After Smelling Crack,” being one such example). Whether they were typos or legitimate stories, we had a blast laughing at how such things ever made it into our local papers.

Jimmy Fallon has of course updated this feature for viewers who don’t want to get ink on their hands. This segment on screengrabs features Fallon getting all decked out in a wig and mustache because WHY NOT! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I kind of miss the headlines bit. Mostly because my mother used to mail in the ones she thought were most ridiculous and send them to The Tonight Show. Of course, her idea of “stupid headlines” were ones like “Ronald Reagan Elected for Another Four Years” (“THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE, BECKY” was her stand-by coping mechanism).

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