Joan Rivers Finally Returns to The Tonight Show After Almost 30 Years


Until last night, onetime Tonight Show regular Joan Rivers hadn’t been welcomed onto the set in nearly 30 years. But new host Jimmy Fallon had her appear during his debut, one of a host of famous faces including Mariah Carey, Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Jessica Parker and Stephen Colbert.

It was blink-and-you’ll-miss-it brief — she turns up in the middle of a bit where Jimmy’s doubting buddies are forced to pony up $100, having bet he’d never host The Tonight Show, starting with Robert de Niro — but she did look fab. (Tina Fey also makes an appearance in what appear to be leather pants.) As Variety explains, Rivers hasn’t appeared on the show since she bailed in 1986 for her own competing program.

“It’s about time! I’ve been sitting in a taxi outside NBC with the meter running since 1987,” she told Variety.

Say what you want about Joan Rivers, but that woman will bury us all.

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