John Oliver Does 'Shallow Dives' on Ostriches, Orgies, and Chicken Soup


Last Week Tonight took the week off for the Fourth of July, but decided to post a web-only mini bonus episode. “Instead of taking 15 minutes to do a deep-dive into one topic,” John Oliver explained, “we’ll be taking one minute to do incredibly shallow dives into 15 different topics.”

Topics include ostriches (“Scary horse-birds, I don’t like them, get away”), the food chain (“Only safe if you’re at the very top”) orgies (“Also only safe if you’re at the very top”), and chicken soup (“I don’t care if it’s good for my soul, it’s salty bird water and I’m not gonna drink it.”)

We’re big, big fans of the many impeccable deep dives taken by Oliver’s team over the past two seasons, but, uh, this particular tack has its merits, too, okay?!

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