Johnny Appleseed Was A Men's Rights Activist


Johnny Appleseed, who was a real guy named John Chapman, may have had kind of a beef with women. David Futrelle quotes from a contemporary account, via Wikipedia:

Now we had always heard that Johnny had loved once upon a time, and that his lady love had proven false to him. Then he said one time he saw a poor, friendless little girl, who had no one to care for her, and sent her to school, and meant to bring her up to suit himself, and when she was old enough he intended to marry her. He clothed her and watched over her; but when she was fifteen years old, he called to see her once unexpectedly, and found her sitting beside a young man, with her hand in his, listening to his silly twaddle.

This made Chapman so mad that he swore off women forever. However, Futrelle writes, “Appleseed, despite giving up on women in the real world, held out hope for the afterlife –- explaining to others that he expected to have two spirit wives all his own after he died. Which I guess is the 19th century equivalent of the [MRAs] today who fantasize about the sexy robot ladies who will eventually, it is hoped, make actual human females –- with their troubling “thoughts” and “needs” and “desires” of their own –- obsolete.”

Johnny Appleseed: A Man Going His Own Way? [Man Boobz]

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