Johnny Depp to Testify in Bizarre Murder Trial

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In 2009 Nancy Lekon was arrested for hitting and dragging a pedestrian for over half a mile in L.A.’s skid row district. At the time of her arrest she pled guilty by reason of insanity. Now, Johnny Depp has been served with papers and is being asked to testify in her trial.

What does Depp have to do with Lekon? Not much, and apparently Lekon’s lawyer knows it. In fact, the whole reason Depp has been asked to appear at the trial is that at the time of her arrest Lekon stated that she was in a relationship with the actor and was in the area so that the two could meet. Lekon’s lawyer wants to prove that Lekon is delusional by having Depp testify that the two were never involved. I don’t know why Johnny Depp must actually be present when a psychiatric evaluation could provide information about Lekon’s mental state but here’s hoping that Lekon’s victim gets the justice she deserves and that Lekon gets the help that she needs. [TMZ]

According to Radar Online, producers of The Real House Wives of New Jersey are very angry with Teresa Giudice because she refused to participate in any drama during the just-filmed season of the reality show. According to insiders, Giudice did not give the producers what they wanted (fighting, yelling, weaves being pulled out to screams of “light and love!” and “is bitch better?”) and refused to argue about her financial problems or her possible jail time, even though the producers were kind enough to facilitate situations where such arguments could happen.

“The production team even set up situations where the other ladies could call her out about the legal troubles but she refused to engage,” the source revealed. “It made filming with her really difficult.”

Production teams, always so thoughtful! Good for Teresa for making a conscious decision not to be portrayed as an emotional villain this season (please call Aviva Drescher and give her some of your wisdom, Tre!), but if what the insider is saying is true I’m a little worried about the phone call Teresa is going to get from Andy Cohen in the very near future. I find him scarier than the government! (Does anyone else see him cast as Big Brother in a remake of 1984?) [Radar]

  • Speaking of Housewives: Nene Leakes will appear as the mistress of ceremonies in Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity for ten shows in June. I’ve purchased tickets for the 10pm show on June 27th, so I will see you there. [OK!]
  • Minnie Driver has quit twitter over mean remarks people have made about photos of the actress in a bikini. Fuck you, mean people of Twitter. Minnie Driver is a national treasure and I don’t care who hears me say it. [ICYDK]
  • Robert Downey Jr. has joined Twitter. [SeriouslyOMG]
  • Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie have called off their divorce. I’m happy for them but am kind of sad that this means that Duff won’t be dyeing her hair black and releasing an album of brooding covers. [Celebitchy]
  • You will never be able to escape “Let It Go.” Not even when you’re at a Patton Oswalt show. [Pajiba]
  • Homophobic remarks, Alec Baldwin just can’t quit you! [TowleRoad]
  • Nicolas Cage is just as pretentious as you’ve imagined. Yes, even after The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. [Pajiba]
  • Star reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lead a free-wheeling, bizarre lifestyle. Brad smokes pot! Angelina is stressed and can sometimes be mean! The kids (oh god, not the kids!) make messes in the home! It appears that my family and the Jolie-Pitts have much more in common than I thought. I loved just leaving shit around when I was a kid. [Celebitchy]
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson says that if your marriage is hard work, then you’re in a shit marriage. Thanks for the advice, Aaron Taylor-Johnson! Glad to know you’re not on a high-horse or anything. Speaking of high horses, you know what makes relationships difficult? When you and your partner have a legitimate argument about the fact that the term is “high horse” and not “pie horse.” (Shoutout to last wednesday when this argument actually happened at my house.) [Celebitchy]
  • Scooter Braun will testify in the Justin Bieber vs. paparazzo case. [Perez]
  • Lindsay Lohan’s credit card was declined when she tried to make a $300 purchase at Rag and Bone. My stomach dropped when I read this because there is no worse feeling than having everyone at Walgreens know that you can’t afford the pint of Dreyer’s ice cream you were going to go home and cry with. [Dlisted]
  • Lea Michele put on a Streisand wig. [Moe Jackson]
  • Mel B. twerked it all over Instagram. Mel B. makes me realize I should exercise more and eat three pizzas a night less. [Perez]
  • At what point will headlines stop reading “Cher Wore An Outrageous Outfit” and just start reading “Cher Wore Outfit”? At this point, an outrageous outfit for Cher would be slacks and a sensible pair of shoes. [E!]

It’s Saturday! Looks like we made it!

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