Johnny Weir Gets Kissed On RuPaul's Drag Race


Last night’s episode was a patriotic tribute to America, the land of the free, where a woman can have a freakin’ chorizo. Each racer had to create a clip for the troops overseas. Alexis Mateo revealed that she had dated a man who then left her to serve in the armed forces. Despite her sadness, she created a hilarious video, complete with catchphrase: BAM.

On the runway, Carmen Carrera rocked Dita Von Teese war-time victory curls and looked simply stunning. That did not prevent her from landing in the bottom two, however, and she and Yara Sofia had to Lipsync For Their Lives.

While lip-syncing, Carmen decided to plant a kiss on guest judge Johnny Weir.

He leaned in for it!

Carmen left some lipstick behind… hot.

Johnny loved every minute of it.

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