Jon Hamm Really Wants to Talk Dildos with Amy Sedaris


Andy Cohen really hit the guest jackpot on Watch What Happens Live last night, booking not only Jon Hamm, but the ever-delightful Amy Sedaris, as well!

The three covered a lot of ground, talking about who Hamm-bone would sleep with if he ever hooked up with a dude, the porn version of Mad Men and embarrassing love scenes:

Sedaris also touched on her good friend Stephen Colbert’s new gig at The Late Show. When asked what she could tell them about the real Colbert (not the version he’s been portraying on The Colbert Report all these years), Amy jokingly replied, “He’s a lot like his character.”

She and Hamm then teamed up for a game of Pitch Perfect, where Sedaris had to pitch products to Jon while he was wearing a blindfold and he had to guess what the product was. Turns out, the only guess he had was “dildos.”

And, finally, the saddest news. Amy Sedaris confirmed that she will likely never again revisit the character of Jerri Blank. She did however bring her out for one last hoorah. Goodbye, Jerri. You are gone, but not forgotten.

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