Jon Hamm Thanked Jennifer Westfeldt During His Emmys Acceptance Speech, Thank God

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It was the moment every Emmy Awards viewer was waiting for all night. Would Jon Hamm finally win an Emmy for his work on Mad Men, and would he thank his ex-parter Jennifer Westfeldt during the speech? The answers to both of those questions, thank god, is yes.

Reports Us Weekly:

“I want to thank the people to whom I owe this incredible debt,” Hamm noted. “Families — who have chosen for some reason to take me in and be nice to me along this strange, strange road.”
The actor then rattled off a list of names in his speech, and in the final moments gave an affectionate shout-out to “Cora and Jen.”

Jen is the human woman he spent 18 years of his life with. Cora is his dog.

[Us Weekly]

Khloe Kardashian won’t stop talking about “health and fitness,” and her family is so sick of it that they’re planning an intervention. Sources claim “everything else is boring to her except diet and exercise” and that she’s not a “know-it-all” who is “always telling people what they should eat or what exercises would suit them.”

The source also says Khloe has “become a body bore,” which is a term I’ve never heard before. Is it common? Do any of you have body bores in your life? Did they force you to wear waist trainers? Did you plan interventions for them? Did the interventions work? Are you still friends with the body bores?

[Radar Online]

Here’s a video of a “fan” pulling Kylie’s green hair:

  • Orlando Bloom and Kendall Jenner are “secretly dating,” which makes sense if you think about it. [DListed]
  • Someone’s trying to sell a tape of Lil Wayne having sex with two women while “wearing nothing but socks.” [TMZ]
  • Does the cast of Modern Family have “sordid secrets”?! (No, they don’t.) [Radar Online]
  • I don’t know who this woman is, but she didn’t like Viola Davis’s Emmys speech. [Us Weekly]
  • Taraji P Henson heard Jack Nicholson has a crush on Cookie. [People]
  • Stephen Baldwin owes $90k in back taxes, and I’ll never understand why celebrities don’t pay their taxes (or hire better accountants). [TMZ]

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