Jon Voight: Angelina Jolie Should Play Michele Bachmann In a Movie

As the midterm elections draw nigh, so too does the end of of Michele Bachmann’s career in the US House of Representatives, and minds shift to what the Minnesota Loon will do in her post-legislative career. Run for President? Go on Fox and get paid to talk out of her ass about Islam, like, as a job? Be the subject of a sweeping biopic?

For those of you who aren’t simultaneously delighted and horrified by Michele Bachmann so intensely that you have a Michele Bachmann Google news alert, some bad news: the Minnesota Congresswoman is not running for reelection. Only a racist snowman made of sparkling white sugar and bleached evil could possibly come close to replacing her, and she’s not quite sure yet what her next move will be.

Buried in a long Washington Post piece about Bachmann’s professional future is this little nugget of pure dumb joy from famous Michele Bachmann fanboy and Angelina Jolie sire Jon Voight.

Actor and close friend Jon Voight said he’d talk to his friends at Fox News on her behalf. As far as he’s concerned, Bachmann is already a star. If there were ever to be a movie about her life, he said, his daughter Angelina Jolie would be great for the part. “Actually, that was not a wise thing for me to say, because her politics are not with Michele,” he said later. “I only wish they would be.”

Hope isn’t lost, Voight. Maybe if Ang and the gang fall into Nicholas Cage levels of debt and she has to start taking every part offered to her in order to pay off her fleet of child-sized platinum motorcycles, then this beautiful trainwreck of a film can be spirited into being. Until then we can only cherish every day left in Bachmann’s career in Congress.

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