Julia Fox Says Kanye Is ‘Harmless,’ ‘Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly’

The actress told TMZ this week that the rapper's "aggressive" behavior is part of his "artistic expression."

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Julia Fox Says Kanye Is ‘Harmless,’ ‘Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly’
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Barely a month out from their breakup, Julia Fox is still singing Kanye West’s praises and insisting he “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

On Thursday, Fox was asked by TMZ about Kanye’s onslaught of harassment towards ex Kim Kardashian and new boyfriend Pete Davidson. Specifically, the outlet inquired as to whether the new lovers should be worried about their safety.

“No, Kanye’s harmless,” Fox claims outside of a Barry’s Bootcamp in California, adding that his behaviors—which most recently led to his being suspended from Instagram— are just his “artistic, creative expression.”

Fox continued her defense of Ye: “I know it’s aggressive… I think that if it really came down to it, Kanye wouldn’t hurt a fly.” When pressed about whether or not she thought Kanye was a risk to himself, Fox divulged that she hasn’t spoken to Ye in a bit.

Considering Ye’s been going on internet rampages about Trevor Noah, D.L. Hughley, and Pete for days on end now, it’s not overly surprising that he hasn’t made the time for check-in with Fox. Though it is objectively wild that Fox, who has spoken out about other problematic men in her life (including her baby’s father), is defending Ye so vehemently.

Julia, babes, you don’t have to keep backing this man. I’m sure we can find someone else to take you to Carbone.

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