Jumpsuits Are Having A Moment… And Time's Up


Cameron Diaz showed up on Jimmy Fallon‘s show wearing a black satin one. Snobbish blog Luxist declared them a “staple.” On Sunday’s Running In Heels, an intern cried when one wouldn’t fit. Jumpsuits won’t die.

The truth is that fashion magazines have been pushing jumpsuits for over a year. And whenever there are movies or TV shows about the future, humans are generally wearing some kind of one-piece, or the aptly named unitard. Jumpsuits in some situations make sense: Like if you’re flying a plane, or working on a HAZMAT team. But what of fashion-y jumpsuits, the kind worn with heels? The kind with ballooning legs, as seen in this picture of Katie Holmes? The proportions are never quite right; they seem ungainly, the wearers seem like they desperately want to get into Studio 54 but are being left in the cold. And let’s be honest: Forget models and the odd celebrity, are average American women embracing jumpsuits? If so, what is the appeal? Is it that you’re putting on one piece — usually the same color, from head-to-toe — and therefore responsible for fewer decisions when getting dressed? Are jumpsuits Garanimals for the truly lazy? Do they flatter anyone? So many questions. The most important of which is: Would you wear a jumpsuit? Oh, and by the way: Overalls and coveralls do not count.

LuxeStaple: Jumpsuits [Luxist]
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