Just a Film Star Maintaining Her Hairdo

In Depth

Here are two random photos of actress Kay Lerner “demonstrating her hair routine in between visits to the hairdressers.” They are so obviously staged that it’s hilarious. How about that vanity table, though? I feel comfortable saying that, glamour-wise, dresser-tops peaked circa 1937. (Come at me, Betty Draper.)

My haircare routine is pretty simple: Every morning (well, almost every morning) I shower, I mostly let it air-dry but hit it with the blow dryer at the end, I run a brush through it and I walk out the door. My grandmother did things very differently, in that she kept a recurring appointment at “the beauty shop” carrying a bag containing her preferred hair dye, spray and other products. Picture Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias. Between trips, she used a shower cap and before leaving the house had me fluff the hair at the back of her head, so there were no bare spots. I guess my point is that suddenly I feel like a goddamn scrub.

Photos via Getty Images/Hulton Archive.

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