Just Accept The Fact That We Know Nothing About Kate Middleton


There are new reports that she’s chosen The Dress. Like everything else about this story, it’s total speculation.

Let’s just make this easy and outline exactly what we know about this whole situation:

1. Kate Middleton and Prince William met at Saint Andrews.

2. They lived in the same house for a while.

3. They’ve been together a long time.

4. They’re engaged.

5. She has some pretty dresses and a really nice ring.

5. She will probably wear some kind of dress at her wedding.

6. There are lots of designers who have designed pretty dresses for lots of people.

What we don’t know? Her future title, anything about their personal lives, what she’s going to wear at any point in her life, similarities to or differences from Princess Diana, specifics of the ceremony, whether or not Elton John will play, or who will play her in the inevitable cable-TV movie of her life.

But maybe none of that matters. After all, the reality of Kate Middleton has never been as important as our imaginings of her. In a sense, maybe the actual selection of the dress will almost be an anticlimax: as long as we’re all guessing and speculating and putting together clues, it feels like we’re all a part if the decision. Think about it: could anything be further from our own experience than a royal wedding? Most of us couldn’t have lives more different from that of a royal, or understand less what that life will entail, let alone the wedding ceremony. That’s what makes all our speculation particularly ludicrous — but also, maybe, why it’s fun. With movie stars at least we have characters and interviews to project; with Middleton et al, we don’t even have that and our imaginations can truly run wild. Once she’s chosen her dress, we can all copy it — but until then, maybe she’ll be in something we’d pick. That’s a kind of power — however pretend.

The Wedding Planners: Kate’s Mum And Sister Drop A Hint About The Dress By Visiting Oldfield’s Boutique
[Daily Mail]

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