Just Checking in Again About Your Flu Shot! 


Did you go get your flu shot? If you did—good! If you didn’t—go get your damn flu shot.

This latest reminder comes via Reuters. They spoke to Dr. Brenda Jackson of the CDC, who was very clear in her guidance to the American people: “My message is, if you haven’t gotten a vaccine, please get a vaccine. Also, please get your children vaccinated,” she said. Reuters explained:

The dominant strain during this flu season is an especially nasty type called influenza A (H3N2) that in seasons past has been linked with severe disease and death, especially in the elderly and young. This year’s seasonal flu epidemic is especially severe.
In past flu seasons, between 80 and 85 percent of children who have died from the flu had not gotten a flu vaccine that season, the agency said in an email.
In its latest report, the CDC said the virus is present in every state, with 32 states reporting severe flu activity.

Even if the vaccine “misses” the most dominant strain for the year, studies suggest it can still mitigate your misery if you do get the flu. If you aren’t persuaded by the prospect of mitigating your own hypothetical misery, know that children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable to the flu—do it for them, if not for yourself. The CDC even has a “flu vaccine finder,” available here, to find nearby vendors of flu shots. Jackson also encouraged frequent hand washing and carrying around disinfectant wipes. Do that, but also go get your stupid shot!!!

This post was originally missing a link to the Reuters article; it has been corrected.

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