Kate Middleton's Brother Is a Marshmallow Selfie Tycoon


Kate Middleton is an object of international fascination. NBC is attempting to make Pippa Middleton intriguing enough for television. But what of James, their brother? Turns out he runs a startup that, for a cool $25, will print your Facebook and Instagram photos on marshmallows.

Yes, he is a marshmallow selfie entrepreneur.

And in fact, CNN Money reports, “Boomf” has just raised $1.7 million in venture funding and plans to expand in the U.S. After three months, they’ve shipped 2 tons of marshmallows (they sell nine to a box). “Marshmallows are quite durable and they’re just fun,” Middleton told CNN Money, presumably before tipping his battered burgundy top hat.

What do you suppose the Middletons discuss with the Windsors when they’re all gathered together for something like Prince George’s christening? How many times has James tried to explain his occupation to Prince Philip? When you’re moving among aristocrats, is being in frivolous trade preferable to a more hard-nosed career? And would Queen Elizabeth ever, if it were the last snack on earth, allow one of these treats to pass her royal lips?

Photo via Getty.

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