Kate Winslet Is Glad Her Son Knows He Might Be Gay


Between heroically saving Richard Branson’s mother from a fire, acting humble about it later, and speaking out in favor of natural aging, Kate Winslet has been wowing us a lot recently. It’s unclear if she’s just naturally awesome, or is already atoning for starring in that new Roman Polanski film, but we have another charming tale to add to the list. She tells V magazine:

“I like being in the city. I like the diversity that my children are exposed to every day. I love the way their brains work. Joe turns to me the other day and says ‘One day I will have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, darling. Which would you prefer?’ And I said ‘My Love, that would be entirely up to you, and it doesn’t make any difference to me.’ But that he knows! It’s a real privilege. Talk about the best education.”

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