Keeping Up With The Kardashians: A Reality Star Is Born


On last night’s season finale, Kourtney gave birth to her son Mason, and the cameras were there to capture it all: Her water breaking, her pre-labor makeup application, and finally, pulling a newborn baby out of her own vagina.

Khloe accompanied Kourtney to her final OB/GYN appointment. Her doctor is the same doctor who delivered Kris Jenner’s children, so naturally, Khloe discussed her mother’s reproductive organs.

Thanks to this show, I now know that when a pregnant woman’s water breaks, it continues to trickle out over a period of time. I also learned that, unlike labor portrayed in movies, women have time to shave and put on makeup before they go to the hospital. So there was some actual “reality” depicted on reality TV!

Kim left a photo shoot—a photo shoot taking place at 4am, for some reason—to be at the hospital for Kourtney’s labor and delivery. Everyone watched Kourtney’s crotch with very wide eyes as the head poked out, and an arm actually waved at the camera. This child was literally born to be on television.

Kim mentioned that Mason looks exactly like her late father, Robert Kardashian, and honestly, he really does.

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