Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors: Khloe's Super-Legit Psychic Abilities


On Sunday night’s episode of E!’s reigning soap opera Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the A-Plot was Khloe’s haunted house; the B-Plot was Kendall and Kylie’s graduation party; and the C-Plot was Kim’s reckless pregnancy habits. Hard hitting stuff! The wait’s been long enough, so let’s jump right in. #LEGGODolls.

Scene 1/Cold Open: Filmed on September 14, 2015

In a continuation from last week’s final scene, Scott remains at Kris Jenner’s house, talking through his issues as a father. Kris tries to explain to Scott that he needs to step up to the fatherhood plate, because the kids have already been disappointed with his behavior and Kourtney doesn’t want to further their pain. Scott asks Kris, “what do you want me to do!?” as though, her telling him to be a father isn’t enough of an answer. Kris also gives Scott some shoes that are about 7x too big to fill when she tells him that she wants his kids to look back and hold him in as high esteem as her kids do Robert Kardashian Sr. Not too much, Kris Jenner, not too much. As Scott leaves to see his children, Kris throws him 2 thinly veiled threats hidden in the words, “I love you.” Like last week’s final scene, this was filmed on September 14, 2015.

Scene 2: Filmed on September 17, 2016

At Khloe’s house, she’s joined by Kourtney and Kimberly, and Lip Kit mogul, Kylie Jenner. After Kourtney dissects the non-organic items in Khloe’s refrigerator, Khloe tells her sisters about her “psychic-ish” abilities. Apparently, Khloe has been woken up in the middle of the night by a familiar male voice whispering her name. None of her sisters seem to care, but continue to stare blankly at her as she tries to explain her sixth sense. It’s also revealed that Khloe does not know how to read when she comes across the word “hydrogenated” on a Jif peanut butter jar. Luckily for her, there was a college graduate in the house and Kourtney helped her out. This scene was filmed on September 17, 2015.

Scene 4: Filmed on June 30, 2015

Kris Jenner drops in to Khloe’s house, where Khloe is taking selfies with Kourtney. Kris, who just realized her youngest child Kylie graduates from high school in a week, is feeling bad because not only did she forget, but she also forgot to throw Kendall a graduation ceremony/party the year prior. That’s right, Kris Jenner has been so busy that it took her over 365 days to remember her child’s educational accomplishment. Folks, call your parents tonight and remind them that you love them. So, she wants to throw them both a surprise graduation ceremony and party with caps, gowns, and a commencement speaker! Kris Jenner’s idea storm was filmed on June 30, 2015.

Scene 5: Filmed on May 22, 2015

Like a solid sis, Kourtney Kardashian goes with Kim Kardashian West to visit her OB/GYN. Unfortunately for Kim, Kourtney delivers worse news than the doctor when she reads Kimberly Kardashian West, mother and wife of 1 for gutter tube trash filth. Kourtney breaks down Kim’s whole life journey by reaming her process of applying makeup. Right as Kourtney sits down, she says, “My new thing is I’m into a no makeup makeup. Cause I cannot stand the crazy contour, the highlight, the highlight cheeks, the lashes. Aren’t you supposed to look pretty and not like a clown?” Other than Kourtney coming for the whole beauty section on, Kim seems to be having a healthy pregnancy. Kim’s doctor’s visit and Kourtney’s poetic justice was filmed on May 22, 2015.

Scene 8: Filmed on August 4, 2015

Kim takes her Krew to New Orleans to indulge in some pregnancy cravings. At the first restaurant, Kim is able to eat her double order of crab legs in peace, but once she hits up Cafe Du Monde for the Lord’s beignets, she immediately becomes the focus of the restaurant and decides to order NOLA’s delicacy to go. Kim’s expert class in how to do pregnancy on a millionaire’s budget was filmed on August 4, 2015.

Scene 9: Filmed on August 25, 2015

Back in Calabasas, California, Kim stops by Kourtney’s house to chat with her and Kris. Kim tells them that when in NOLA, she had beignets three times in one day. Kris is not impressed and wants Kim to take better care of her pregnant body. Kim defends herself by saying it was one day on one trip, but Kris apparently saw Kim’s personal chef in her kitchen making beignets for Kim that morning. Kris also calls her pregnant daughter, who is eating to sustain two lives, “a closet eater,” in need of an “ankle bracelet.” Despite Kris’ “concerns,” Kim tells Kris and Kourtney that she has a trip to Paris for pregnancy wardrobe fittings. Kourtney asks if someone can come to LA, and Kim harshly tells her budget sister that she, “can’t have every designer fly to LA, no.” Like her husband in 2004, Kim’s “gotta catch a flight to Paree,” and no one will stop her. Kim was filmed going against Dr. Kris Jenner’s orders on August 25, 2015.

Scene 10/Scene 12: Filmed on July 20/21, 2015

Kim makes it to Paris, and has dessert with Balmain mastermind, Olivier Rousteing. The two munch on churros while Kim jokes that nothing will be able to fit her now.

The following day, she meets with a slew of designers, including Vauthier, for some pregnancy garments. Someone should really call Kris Jenner and the rest of Kim’s medical team, because Kim either made multiple trips to Paris for fittings, or she lied. Kim’s dessert with Olivier was filmed on July 20, 2015 while her fittings were filmed on July 21, 2015. Both of which are over a month before she told Kris she would be going to Paris in the first place. Tisk, tisk, Kimberly. Tisk, tisk.

Scene 11: Filmed on June 30, 2015

Still struck by the possible ghosts in her home, Khloe uses a ghost detection device to see if anything pops up. Kourtney and Mason are visiting, so the three roam Khloe’s house waiting for detections from the device. The device picks up on ghost energy and Khloe freaks out. She and Kourtney decide to get a ghostbuster to dig deeper into this mystery. Oddly enough, this scene was filmed on June 30, 2015 before Khloe picked up on any of her “psychic-ish” vibes in Scene 2. Also, even though Khloe and Kourtney did a Kwik Kostume Khange, Kourtney failed to pack a second look for Mason, so it’s easy to see that both Scenes 4 and 11 were filmed on the same day.

Mason in Scene 4.

Mason in Scene 11.

Scene 17: Filmed on July 23, 2015

Kendall visits Khloe while Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams, searches for spirits in Khloe’s home. In Khloe’s bedroom, Lisa picks up on a masculine energy that belongs to Khloe and Kendall’s grandfather, Papa Harry. Khloe’s happy with the news, but decides to go a step further when she has Lisa contact her father, Robert. Lisa reaches out to him, and he tells Lisa that he’s proud of Khloe and the family. She also asks about a tattoo Khloe has to commemorate her father and the significance of the month July. These two facts are also available for public consumption on

After the meeting, Khloe and Kendall call Kris to tell them about their experience. Kris is overwhelmed with emotion because she talks to those two all the time, presumably via prayers or money. She confirms the significance of July, which was her and Robert’s anniversary month. This scene was filmed on July 23, 2015.

Scene 18: Filmed on July 23, 2015

The time has finally come to celebrate Kendall and Kylie’s graduations from high school!! It’s a star-studded affair with the likes of Alan Thicke, Ryan Seacrest, Gigi Hadid and American singing sensation, Pia Mia!! After Kris tells her guests to “shut the fuck up,” Kendall and Kylie walk into their surprise celebration. After a Kwik Khange into caps and gowns, plus some commencement words by Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner, the family really gets down to the partying business. Congrats, grads. May your futures be filled with lip kits and catwalks. Amen.

Well that’s my time for this week, dolls. Please come see about ya’ girl and this here written word next week for another KUWTyler Henry’s Extended Preview re-cap on #KUWTKE. #UnicornFarts

Mariah Smith is writer and comedic performer who keeps up with the Kardashians. For more Keeping Up With The Kontinuity Errors click here. You can follow her on Twitter @mRiah.

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