Kelly Bensimon: "Crazy Really Sells"


In an interview with E! News last night, RHONYC‘s Kelly Bensimon—wearing her signature top-with-no-pants look—was asked about her sanity. Smiling, she answered, “I mean, all I can really say is that crazy really sells. It really sells.”

She also discussed the RHONYC reunion episode that aired on Monday, and Giuliana Rancic asked Kelly about why she walked off the set, and why she “had enough.” Kelly contradicted her, saying, “It wasn’t that I had enough,” and then went on to basically rephrase what Giuliana said, but with more of an asshole spin to it, adding, “The minute I said my peace and then they started in, I disengaged and I left.”

Kelly says that she will return for another season, because her daughter told her to.

Meanwhile, this morning on Today, Bethenny Frankel sat down with Hoda and Kathie Lee, where she told them that she probably would not return for another season, if the cast remains the same.

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