Kelly Clarkson Is Really, Really Excited About Marriage


Kelly Clarkson is getting married/got married/is married! That much is sort of clear, from her recent single “Tie It Up” which is all about how great marriage is, as well as her appearance on The View Wednesday that she showed up for dressed as a bride.

“You only get so long to be the bride-to-be so I’m just totally wearing little wedding dresses everywhere,” Clarkson told the Ladies of the Couch about her impending nuptials to Brandon Blackstock. “Because people are going to be over it by the time we’re married, so I’m soaking it in.”

This isn’t the first time she’s wedding-dressed it up; Clarkson’s engagement photos had her garbed in various white gowns. She’s breaking rules left and right, as engagement photos are usually just feature a couple in nice but regular clothes, if they show anything more than a close-up shot of two heads smushed together in love.

Maybe all of Clarkson’s wedding dress excitement is because she’s not having a traditional wedding where photos of the dress would be taken. Clarkson said that originally, she was planning on having a big wedding, but then she realized that “weddings aren’t for brides and grooms; they’re for everyone else.” So now she and Blackstock are eloping in a few weeks and doing something small. An elopement that’s not a surprise? Is that an elopement? Who cares! There are no wedding rules for Kelly.

Clarkson was also on The View to talk about this project she’s doing with State Farm – something about driving and being safe? – and to perform “Tie It Up”. In a behind the scenes video for the music video for that song, Clarkson said that even though the original concept had her as part of the wedding band of another couple’s wedding, she decided to also wear a white dress because “it looked cute” even though she was “stealing the bride’s thunder a little bit.” And for her View performance, she dressed her backup singers as bridesmaids and her band as groomsmen. Weddings = so hot right now if you are Kelly Clarkson.

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