Kevin McCarthy Just Can’t Stop Cucking Himself

The congressman is so desperate to become House Speaker that he's given up any semblance of having principles and allowed himself to publicly lose eight times.

Kevin McCarthy Just Can’t Stop Cucking Himself
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Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is apparently so desperate to become speaker of the House that he’s crossed political lines he said he’d never cross, sacrificed any pride and dignity he may have had, and still cannot win after eight rounds of voting (going on nine, as of the publication of this story). There is only one word to describe a person who engages in this kind of spineless debasement: a cuck.

McCarthy could only lose four votes from his Republican colleagues and still become Speaker, but he lost 19 in the first vote on Tuesday, then a pathetic 20 and 21 in successive votes on Wednesday. Even President Joe Biden called the whole saga “embarrassing.” So McCarthy decided it was time to eat some shit and make some deals with the ultra-conservative lawmakers opposing him, like Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.). What exactly did McCarthy agree to? Here’s the big one, from the Washington Post on Thursday morning: “In a major allowance to the hard-right Republicans, McCarthy offered to lower from five to one the number of members required to sponsor a resolution to force a vote on ousting the speaker—a change that the California Republican had previously said he would not accept.”

Then a super PAC aligned with McCarthy agreed not to spend money on primary races considered to be safe for Republicans. The PAC had previously boosted more moderate Republicans in hopes they’d defeat far-right candidates—like the ones who are voting against McCarthy this week. The Club for Growth had initially opposed McCarthy for speaker, but after this deal said they backed him.

So how’d those concessions work out for him? Ol’ Kev didn’t gain a single vote today. He finished round seven with 21 Republicans voting for someone else.

This is absolute cuck behavior, to borrow a term from the far right. I simply can’t wait to see how Kevin humiliates himself next.

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