Kids Traumatized After Theater Shows Insidious 3 instead of Inside Out


A theater full of tots was left weeping in Ohio when the person running the projection booth mixed up Insidious 3 (which looks legitimately terrifying) and Inside Out, treating the children to the “opening reel” of a movie full of screams and evil ghosts that murder people and then drag them to the land of the dead.

According to The Guardian, now the kids are asking questions that their parents are having a hard time answering.

“I got our money back,” wrote Jazmyn Moore on the local newspaper’s Facebook page, “but the damage is already done. [M]y children are terrified and keep asking questions.”
Moore reported that her party witnessed images of children being tied up and murdered, before she and other adults removed their charges from the cinema.

How long do you think it took the parents to realize that the movie was incorrect?

First of all, movie previews are usually related to theme of the film you’re about to see (so the kids might have also seen a preview for The Gallows, which looks terrifying) which could have given some parents a clue, and then there’s the fact that Inside Out and Insidious 3 have very different openings. I’m just wondering how many child murders happened in the film before parents were all “nope, this isn’t it.” I’m guessing like five. It’s good to see Dermot Mulroney working, though!

The theater has apologized.

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