Kim K’s Over-the-Top Office Tour Proves We’re Better Off Working From Home

Kardashian gave us all an inside look at her office, furnished with a tanning bed & 3D model of her brain. Respectfully, I think she’d get more done from home.

Kim K’s Over-the-Top Office Tour Proves We’re Better Off Working From Home
Screenshot:Kim Kardashian/TikTok

Welcome to the future of work: Kim Kardashian gave her followers a one-minute tour of her SKNN BY KIM office headquarters—and it somehow manages to make Meta and other big tech companies’ wildly over-the-top campuses (famously meant to blur the lines of a reasonable work-life balance) look tame. Some of Kardashian’s office features are to be expected: She shows us a room where the walls are filled ceiling-to-floor with all of her magazine covers. Cool! But she also reveals an in-office tanning bed, red light therapy bed, a mannequin with her exact measurements, an amphitheater, and, of course, a 3D model of her brain, accompanied by a model of her private jet.

Welp, this is why I believe in work-from-home supremacy. We’ve all been here before. Who hasn’t had a boss display a 3D model of their brain (or at least throw an office pizza party) as catnip to lure their employees into the office and exert ever-greater control over their lives? Who hasn’t worked somewhere offering up over-the-top amenities, like a tanning bed or, say, seltzer waters and free tampons, to try to give workers a false sense of home and security??


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Admittedly, if I worked for SKNN BY KIM, I doubt I’d be pressed. I’d grab armfuls of whatever free products and Green Juice drinks I could get my hands on, do the bare minimum, clock in, and clock the fuck out. That actually seems like the most ideal professional life in our current capitalist hellscape—not a bad situation at all.

But all of this just solidifies why I, personally, on principle, support work-from-home situations, if that’s possible for whatever your field is. No amount of amenities, certainly not a 3D brain model or a room that’s basically a shrine to your billionaire boss, is making anyone more or less productive. In fact, I might make the argument that one would be more productive working at their desk at home than they would be next to Kim Kardashian laying in a tanning bed, all after commuting an hour one-way through Los Angeles traffic.

Just my two cents, but what do I know??? Kim K is the real expert on labor and the economy. “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days,” she infamously told Variety in 2022. At the time, of course, she was fielding a lawsuit from former staffers alleging she’d denied them tens of thousands in wages. I wonder if these workers would consider just working at the SKNN BY KIM headquarters, where, in place of wages they were denied, they can meditate in the minimalist open-plan office kitchen or stare at their boss’ brain and marvel at how big and smart it is.

In any case, I have no idea whether Kardashian’s meticulously constructed office has achieved the impossible and motivated her employees to get their “fucking ass[es] up and work.” But if nothing else, it seems like a pretty fun place for her to chill and work on her tan.

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