Kody Brown Invites Brad Pitt to Join His Sister Wives Family


Oh, brother. Kody Brown, the energetic patriarch on TLC’s “Sister Wives,” has a brilliant plan for expanding his already sizeable brood: ask Brad Pitt to join the family.

“If there was going to be a brother husband, I would ask Brad to join the family.”

Of course! It just makes sense. But while Brown may be gunning to have another handsome man around the house, he isn’t interested in adding to his collection of wives—which numbers four at the moment—because he feels “maxed out” in that department.

“I want to give them all that I’ve got. I think that I can manage it. I do want to … No, maybe I don’t think I can manage it.”

It’s not clear where that leaves Angelina Jolie in this whole brother-husband-sister-wife mix, but the endearingly spastic Brown goes out of his way to make sure we know he’s a fan:

“I’m an Angie guy. She is weird but she’s genuine. She was married to Billy Bob, come on. … Angie and Brad should have more children … They are good parents. I like them. They are involved. I think Angelina Jolie has got a heart of gold.”

Yeah, I mean, come on. TLC needs to get on this idea STAT because if there’s one thing the Brown’s compound in Vegas needs, it’s more people. Actually, while we’re at it, why don’t we have the Duggars move in too. Then the house will be so jammed that the network can air a very special “Wives and Children” episode of “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” And then we’ll have reached the end of television, and we can all go to sleep for a thousand years.

“Sister Wives” Husband Kody Brown Invites Brad Pitt To Join Family [Huffington Post]

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