Kris Jenner Would Like to Kris Jenner Herself All Over You


“Well imagine that,” says matriarch of the Kardashians Kris Jenner in the latest promo for her talk show Kris, as surprised as you are that someone decided to give her a place to air more of her grievances/opinions/thoughts/musings. “Things are about to get interesting.” What KIND of things?!

“I’m a mom with a pretty active family,” says Kris. “When we’re all just hanging out, that’s my favorite time; lots of laughs, great conversation.” You know, when they’re all hanging out, getting paid. “And I thought, that would make for a great talk show.” Like one of the four-ish shows they already have, but not like that at all.

We’ve been taunted, and given no real new information, save that, “You’re in for a good time.” A better time than what Bethenny has to offer us Kris? Never ever.

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