Kristen Wiig Hates Being Tagged on Facebook as Much as You Do


There are few things worse than receiving that alert on your cellphone telling you that someone has tagged you in a photo on Facebook. (JK, there are literally MILLIONS of things worse than that, but anyway…) So many things to consider at once! Is the picture good? If not, how close are you to a computer so that you can untag it before anyone sees it? WHY DID YOU EVEN SIGN UP FOR SOCIAL MEDIA TO BEGIN WITH? ARE YOU WASTING YOUR LIFE? SHOULD YOU GO BACK TO LAW SCHOOL? Why why why did your friend post a picture of you with your eyes closed and mouth open? Whyyyyyyyy?

You’re not alone! Lots of people share a similar panic when their photos show up online and some of those people are famous! Like Kristen Wiig, for example. According to the New York Daily News, Wiig — when approached for a photo — will always ask fans not to post the picture on Facebook or Instagram. EVEN IF THAT FAN IS JILL ZARIN.

Now, the Daily News is using this as an example of Wiig’s supposedly infamous inaccessibility, saying:

Insiders know Wiig’s apparent accessibility is just an act. Most “SNL” cast members exit through the main door at 30 Rock after the show, so fans can take pictures or get autographs. But Wiig was notorious for slipping out in a car though the underground garage because she didn’t want to pose with fans — and didn’t want to tell them no.

To me, all of this seems less like an “act” of accessibility and more like a very reasonable limitation for the sake of Wiig’s own privacy. She’s not being rude to people or turning them down for photos (which would be well within her rights to do). Rather, she’s just asking that whoever she takes the photo with doesn’t plaster the picture online. We should all have similar caveats, don’t you think?

Image via Getty.

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