Kyle Richards Is Reportedly Producing, Starring in a Doc on ‘Friend’ Morgan Wade

Bravo sleuths have been on the scent of the newly-separated Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and the country singer for months.

Kyle Richards Is Reportedly Producing, Starring in a Doc on ‘Friend’ Morgan Wade
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Though the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently off the air, the women who hold the coveted Michaels craft store diamonds have generously proffered a plethora of white-hot goss as of late—from Erika Jayne’s meet-and-greet with the victims of her estranged husband’s grift to Kim Richards’ rumored return to the franchise. However, no speculated storyline for the forthcoming season continues to captivate the masses quite like Kyle Richards’ shocking separation from husband, Mauricio Umansky, and her curious friendship with country singer Morgan Wade—especially now, as Richards and Wade appear to be getting even closer.

According to a new report from TMZ, Richards is producing—and starring in—a documentary chronicling Wade’s trials and tribulations including overcoming substance abuse and her burgeoning music career. The pair were photographed shopping in Aspen over the weekend and, per the outlet, audience members at Wade’s show on Sunday were asked to sign a release form allowing for any footage of the show to be used in Richards’ film.

News of the documentary has revived speculation from fans of the franchise who’ve been keeping a close watch on Richards’ relationship with Wade since June—prior to her separation. For weeks, the Bravo-sleuth side of TikTok has analyzed Richards’ posting patterns on social media, noting that she’d gone months without sharing pictures of her husband. Of course, it didn’t help matters that she was now posting about her new friendship with Wade.

In February 2022, Richards posted a selfie with the country singer, writing that she’d “stalked” her on social media after listening to her music on a drive from Utah to Colorado. Richards captioned the photo: “The most unlikely of friendship some may think but kinship knows no bounds.” Ever since fans noted an increase in social media posts with Wade—from joint gym sessions to the kind of selfies that one might take with someone they’re pretty close with.

Of course, fans’ suspicion of their relationship hasn’t been strictly limited to the pair’s selfies. Scores of TikToks have been made about the fact that Richards and Wade have at least one matching tattoo (a heart), matching silver bands, and have been noticed—by both paparazzi and pedestrians—hanging out solo in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Aspen. Amidst it all, Richards and Umanksy announced they were separating, writing that they’d had “a rough year” but they “love and respect each other tremendously.”

“There has been no wrongdoing on anyone’s part,” they added. Since then, Richards has denied to a paparazzi that she was dating Wade, but, of course, that hasn’t turned fans’ watchful eyes one bit. Even production on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started up again following news of the separation.

Bravo diehards are clearly hopeful for an event as earth-shattering as Scandoval 2.0, and as a longtime fan, I get it. And while I believe going public about one’s sexual identity is a decision that should be made by one person only, I’d like to think the intrigue and excitement about Richards’ relationship with Wade (whatever it is) stems mostly from the fact that it would be affirming to see another queer housewife since there are currently so few of them—the latest being Jenna Lyons on the new Real Housewives of New York. Richards should be allowed the agency of telling her own story next season.

RHOBH won’t return until November, but it’s safe to say the internet will be primed and poised for when it does.

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