Lady Gaga Brings the Old Lady Gaga Back, Kind of


Yes, I love it: Lady Gaga, “Stupid Love” (video) – There’s nothing I love more in a pop song than the bright pink hue of simplicity and pining for love. An elevator of synths and drum punctures to ascend me into heaven. The vibe of this video is a Mad Max desert dream set against pastel skies and a Gaga army (they’re “kindness punks”) dressed in black, pink, sunshine yellow and botanical green. And guess what, I’m into a retro Gaga, even if her dance moves are funny and even if this doesn’t innovate so much as it ensures she won’t be left behind like so many others of her era named Katy Perry. —Clover Hope

Yes: Harry Styles, “Falling” (official video) – “Falling,” is the Fine Line track that most recalls Harry Styles’s “Sign of the Times”—his big, Bowie-esque, boy band breaking moment. I love it for that reason, but also because it doesn’t reach crescendo. He keeps the song and its narrative small and overwhelming, which is probably why he drowns in the music video. Paint him like one of your French girls. —Maria Sherman

Y: Alanis Morissette, “Reasons I Drink” – At a certain point, I assume most people hope their tortured and vulnerable fave artists seek some comfort in success as if somehow that success cures all that ails them. Alanis Morissette’s “Reasons I Drink” is proof that it is not quite that simple—nothing ever is. That, of course, is a reason worth singing about. —MS

Yes: Doja Cat, “Say So” – I love most everything Doja Cat does, and the sepia-tone, ’60s fever dream music video for “Say So” is included in that statement. I look forward to seeing how this makes an appearance on TikTok, an app that should be paying her royalties. —MS

Welcome back!!: Jessie Ware, “Spotlight” – Oftentimes when I am sad or just feeling melancholy in a way that I cannot quite pinpoint, I turn to Jessie Ware’s albums, three beautiful gems that contain a song for every feeling. However, it has been a moment since she’s released any new music, most likely because her time and energy have been consumed by her delightful podcast, Table Manners. I am happy to report that she does have new music coming, and this first single, “Spotlight,” is a nice and casual dance track that I will listen to whilst walking briskly to the gym or anywhere else my stout legs carry me. The accompanying visual, however, is also very cute! Like if Zara did television commercials. Also, Ms. Ware hits some light choreo, which is something that I have not seen from her yet, and it thrills me. I need the album! Now! —Megan Reynolds

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