Lady Gaga's New Gig: Fashion Advice Columnist


Lady Gaga is going to be a columnist for V. She says she will be covering “FASHION+ART,” so at last we’ll have someone to direct all our meat dress, latex, Alexander McQueen, and lobster hat-related wardrobe questions. Each issue, her column will feature a different head shot. Fans can contribute their own drawings of Gaga for consideration for the summer issue by April 3. [@Vmagazine, @ladygaga]

Britney Spears wears Dolce & Gabbana clothing in the (HEAVILY ‘shopped) promo portraits for her new album. The designers are excited about this. “We love Britney and we love to dance to her new songs! We can’t wait to hear the whole album! She has always been among our favourite artists…because she has been able to remain true to herself and to her style throughout the years. With her music she influenced and inspired generations of people for more than 10 years, always staying at the top, and we can’t but congratulate her for this new, important achievement.” [Telegraph]

  • At the end of this link, Times “On The Street” photographer Bill Cunningham talks about (and shares pictures of) his millinery designs from the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. They include a hat that looks like a clamshell, a hat that looks like a propeller (the blades are turkey feathers), and an entire collection inspired by origami. “It was collapsible,” says Cunningham. “So people could wear it to a wedding and after the ceremony, take it off and put it in their pocket.” [Lens]
  • In addition to the devastation wrought by the earthquake, the ensuing tsunami, and the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan will now have to face the delivery of 100,000 pairs of Crocs. [Denver Post]
  • Alison Mosshart will be blogging about her daily outfits this month for British Vogue. [Vogue UK]
  • Michelle Kessler Sanders, currently the fashion director of T and previously employed at Vogue and Juicy Couture, will be joining Vera Wang Group as its executive vice-president and first-ever creative director. President Mario Grauso has been aggressively expanding the business, which now counts a Kohl’s line, a David’s Bridal line, a potential cosmetics deal with Estée Lauder, and a forthcoming fragrance — to be fronted by Leighton Meester — among its divisions. [WWD]
  • Liam Gallagher, on the difference between his clothing line and Jay-Z‘s: “You’re going to be fucking arrested wearing his gear and you’re going to pull a really nice-looking bird wearing mine.” Glad to know ol’ Liam‘s still got that unique way with words. [Vogue UK]
  • Erin O’Connor‘s former personal assistant has been charged with stealing more than £15,000 of O’Connor’s money. [Daily Mail]
  • Dockers, which has been trying to reinvent its image (largely by running that ad campaign that makes fun of women, since khaki is manly, manly stuff and we’d best not forget it), booked Biz Markie to play at its fall press preview. [Fashionista]
  • Cintra Wilson‘s review of a United Nude store — “pretty thin gruel” — will be her last for the Times Critical Shopper column. [NYTimes]
  • Levi’s has agreed to pay more than $1 million in back wages to nearly 600 workers that the company improperly classified as “managers” and “assistant managers” in an attempt to avoid paying them the overtime they earned. [WWD]
  • Tavi Gevinson says that she may start featuring slightly less fashion-related content on her blog, because her interests are becoming more catholic. Also, last fashion week, “I felt like I was watching everything going on around me through a window. Usually I could see out of it but every once in a while I was forced to look at my own reflection, which was less fun.” She goes on: “A year ago I got to go to Paris to interview John Galliano at Dior, and a couple weeks ago today he said he loved Hitler and got fired. Fashion photographs look more posed and the Rayanne Graffs I meet at school more inspiring. I only really miss being obsessed with fashion the way you miss any aspect of a former self, in a nostalgic way, not necessarily as part of a desire to go back.” In a few days, Gevinson’s blog will be three years old. [Style Rookie]
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier raked in $165,000 in sales during his sole seasonal U.S. trunk show. A $1,095 belt was a best-seller. [WWD]
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