Last Week's Creeps This Week: Dustin Hoffman

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Welcome back to Where Are They Now?: Last Week’s Creeps This Week, a series that catches up with creeps of yore.

It’s not a huge stretch to assume that all the president’s men have groped a tush or a honker or two in their time. So too has Dustin Hoffman, allegedly.

In 2017, three women accused Hoffman of sexual assault—one alleged Hoffman exposed himself to her in a hotel room when she was in high school, the second says it occurred during audio recording of the film Ishtar, and a third says he assaulted her in the back of a station wagon, according to Variety. Actor Kathryn Rossetter also came forward via an op-ed for the Hollywood Reporter, in which she claimed that Hoffman repeatedly groped her on the set of Death of a Salesman on Broadway. Hoffman himself has bragged about “very gently” pinching Katharine Ross’ “right buttocks;” Meryl Streep has also alleged that Hoffman put his hand on her breast the first time they met, although a representative of Streep’s has since said that the initial report was not an “accurate rendering of that meeting,” and that Hoffman had apologized for an “offense” and Streep had accepted it.

When John Oliver confronted Hoffman about the alleged incidents during a Q&A in December, Hoffman said in his own defense, “You weren’t there.”

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