Let Drew Barrymore Teach You How To Make a Classy Egg Sandwich


Fashion-y site Refinery29 has hired Drew Barrymore as a celebrity editor at large; she will write one (1) blog post a month. Her first post, up today, is about egg sandwiches. 1,000 words about eggs!

As The Cut’s Maggie Lange points out, Drew is not on some fantastique GOOP luxury level shit. She’s just a person who doesn’t really know how to cook but is willing to try: “When I first got pregnant, I had to face the sad fact that I didn’t even know how to boil an egg,” she writes. She’s able to make a few things now, but she longs to be “sexier in the kitchen.”

Truthfully, I am still only great at one-dish, one-course, one-pot meals. I love soups and pastas, slow-cooked pork tacos, and meatloaf. I am still intimidated in the kitchen, and, sadly, I am still not sexy in there, either.

So seriously. Don’t expect her to wow you with her technique.

I am still a shy cook. I don’t host dinner parties, and I am not fabulous.

But she does have a classy open-faced egg sandwich to tell you about. Egg with Boursin cheese (“delicious, white, creamy, herbed cheese that’s so soft it spreads on anything beautifully”), fresh basil from her herb box and heirloom tomato on crusty French sourdough bread. Her instructions, read, in part:

Spread the soft Boursin cheese on the bread (after it has cooled for about one minute), lay basil leaves on top (putting the basil down first will help it not get soggy). Layer on tomatoes, then top with eggs. Add some fresh ground pepper, to taste. After admiring it for a second, cut down the center and let the eggs run down through the bread. Now, just take your knife and fork and enjoy. I hope you like it!

Don’t forget to admire your work.

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