Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are Locked in a Sexy Paparazzi Death Match

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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are Locked in a Sexy Paparazzi Death Match

Liam Hemsworth is looking for a fucking fight despite every news outlet—including this one—accusing him of moping around Australia this past month. It’s a nice change of pace for the Hunger Games alum! TMZ reports that he was spotted in New York City yesterday with someone named Maddison Brown, a star on the Dynasty reboot. Dressed in nearly all black, Hemsworth boldly held her hand in front of paparazzi and passersby alike. Per the outlet:

Liam was spotted in NYC’s West Village neighborhood Thursday holding hands with [Brown] … both of them rocking jackets and sunglasses. The two enjoyed a meal and some drinks together at Sant Ambroeus … before going on a romantic stroll. […] As we’ve reported … Liam showed off his guns earlier this week while filming a new TV series in Canada, on the heels of Miley making out with her new man and showing off his bod on social media.

Frankly, the best way to duel with an ex following a highly publicized breakup is via long distance, blurry paparazzi shots. Not only does it elevate the sexual tension, it also gives Hemsworth some semblance of a personality. (Which he desperately needs!) My only question: What do you tell your date in moments like this? Perhaps something like this:

“Hi! As you know, my ex-wife divorced me via Instagram before running around Europe with a reality television divorcée! But I’m good. This is really fun! You’re so pretty….could you please hold my hand across the table? There’s a paparazzo across the street, and I want him to get us enjoying ourselves. Did I tell you how pretty you look? Oh, perfect, thank you—you’re hands are so soft! As I was saying, I’m doing great. Really. I’ve been surfing a lot, bought myself some new henleys…oh, one moment. Can you smile more? We need to be having fun, otherwise Miley—I mean, the paparazzi, are going to have a field day. Ok, don’t smile too much! You can’t be creepy. Remember, this is a good thing for you too! I’m sure your agent would love people to know you star on…what was it? Oh yes, the Dynasty remake! How fun for you.

Anyway, what do I know! Congratulations to the happy couple. [TMZ]

PETA may deny sending its militia after Lil Kim in New York, but they have offered to give her some free faux fur as repayment for her trouble! The Blast reports:

In the correspondence, they make it clear the people in the tape bum-rushing the “Go Awff” rapper are not PETA members. The rep also states their organization would like to meet with Queen Bee in hopes of gaining “her support in our effort to end animal abuse.” PETA’s spokesperson also tells us, they are planning to send her a faux fur jacket to replace all the fur ones they are hoping she will donate.

With winter fast approaching, I’m sure the rapper will appreciate something to stave off the cold. However, sending a celebrity some faux fur feels a little like pandering for an organization so focused on ending the (downright horrific) treatment of animals worldwide. (Not that they have any history of baffling PR decisions that show a glaring lack of focus!)

Also, from an ecological perspective, we should be doing everything we can to move beyond synthetic fibers in clothing. Plastic, which many faux fur coats are made from, is an incredibly dangerous pollutant for our planet! Regardless, I hope Lil Kim enjoys her new clothes! [The Blast]

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