Life Ball Fashion Is Weird, Wonderful


What is the 18th Life Ball in Vienna?

A) An annual charity ball for HIV & AIDS, including former presidents

B) A wild-and-crazy celebration of life, featuring Dita von Teese and Patti LaBelle

or C) Both of the above

The Life Ball isn’t just a ball; there are fundraising events all weekend. See: Diane von Furstenberg, in mufti, with car.

Whoopi Goldberg takes a break from Mel-Gate in her habitual Tom Wolfish whites.

Club-kid-fashionisto extraordinaire Richie Rich arrives for the weekend. Skulls may not spell “life” to you, but go with it.

Lydia Hearst, presumably relieved that there was no emergency exit via one of those slides.

Patti La Belle is comfy and regal – no small feat.

Tragically, rain cut the festivities short – but Patti got to perform, and how much do you love the kicked-off shoes?

At the ball proper (which, sadly, had a rain-necessitated mini red-carpet), Lydia Hearst went vaguely retro.

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn walk the line between respectable gala and wacky fest.

But the unquestioned queen of the evening was Dita Von Teese, with just enough glitz to provide a shake of paprika.

[Images via Getty]

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