Lil' Kim Asks Fans to Buy Her Two $7,899 Strollers


I don’t know what’s more depressing: that Lil’ Kim tweeted out her baby registries to her fans or that they remain largely unfulfilled, even after her baby shower.

Part of the problem is that the rapper and first-time mom selected really pricey items, like two $7,899 strollers, two $1700 cradles and a $1600 hamper. A hamper! That costs $1600!

Her baby shower was last weekend, but the guests must’ve been super cheap because they didn’t even buy her the normal crap she requested from Buy Buy Baby.

Of the thousands of dollars worth of stuff she registered for at Tiffany, one of the only things that was purchased was a coin bank, which her kid might need. Quite literally, her baby will not grow up with a silver spoon in its mouth. (That item still remains unfulfilled.)

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