Lindsay Lohan Is Just Like Marilyn Monroe, According To Lindsay Lohan

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Megan Fox says she’s outgrown her Marilyn Monroe obsession, but the same cannot be said for Lindsay Lohan. In the forward to the new book Marilyn: Intimate Exposures by Susan Bernard, Lindsay explains how very similar they are, saying, “Marilyn never wanted to be just a celebrity. Neither do I.” Lindsay writes:

“Marilyn was the beautiful bad girl in that tight, rose-colored dress. The character she played was strong and taking control, which I unconsciously knew at that young age [12] was a necessary quality for a woman … I can understand the photographer Bernard of Hollywood’s [Bruno Bernard] statement, ‘it took a superhuman effort to be Marilyn.’ I identify … People in their mind have created who I am and act as if there is no real person inside of me. Just like Marilyn … I had always thought that movie stars were in films that would last forever in your mind. But now the films don’t. I don’t want to be remembered as someone who just wanted to be photographed, who goes out at night, and gets in trouble … Heath Ledger once said to me, ‘It’s built you up to knock you down and that’s all it is … Marilyn said she had no foundation. But she said she was really working on it. I’ve been trying to do the same thing … I believe in myself and I’m a good actress.”


Kate Winslet was humble when asked about saving Richard Branson‘s mother from a fire at his Caribbean home. “I’m just so glad that everyone is safe. And this very easily could not have been the case,” she says. “I will never forget Richard placing his arms around both my children as we were watching the flames, and saying, “At the end of the day, what you realise is that all that matters is the people that you love. Everything else is just stuff. And none of that stuff matters.” [Daily Mail]

According to HawthorRNe crew members, Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony definitely didn’t hook up on set … which really doesn’t mean anything because some “insider” accused them of carrying on an affair at Jada’s home. Supposedly they went out of their way to squash the rumors by rehearsing their lines in the open rather than in their trailers. [TMZ]

Ugh. As if The Talk wasn’t annoying enough, Kris Jenner will be added as a co-host. [Deadline]
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, who are currently on their honeymoon in Italy, made out on a lawn chair. [Us]
Don’t feel too bad about Kim and Kris being whisked off to the gorgeous island of Capri. This is only a mini-honeymoon. “We want to take our big honeymoon later,” says Kim, adding that the destination would be “definitely tropical.” [People]

  • Chris Brown‘s neighbors are trying to get him in trouble with his probation officer because they say he parks in handicapped spaces, blares music all the time, and vandalizes the property. [TMZ]
  • Apparently Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are through, because he’s now dating Shannon Costello. [People]
  • Next month Jon Stewart will host a Q&A with the surfing members of Nirvana in honor of Nevermind‘s 20th anniversary. [USA Today]
  • Rest assured, Sarah Jessica Parker is “battening down the hatches,” in preparation for Hurricane Irene. [HR]
  • Jaime Pressly avoided jail time today by pleading no contest to misdemeanor DUI charges. She was sentenced to three years probation. [E!]
  • While promoting I Don’t Know How She Does It, Olivia Munn discussed her character joking about the circumstances of Justin Bieber’s birth. She said, “Look, Justin Bieber was a mistake. Teenagers don’t get pregnant on purpose, OK? However, that mistake turned into a billion dollar idea!” Munn then joked, “So, I think teenagers around the world, load it up! Let’s make some Biebers! The economy needs a little boost. Let’s make some Biebers!” [Access Hollywood]
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar says of taking time off from acting to spend time with her daughter Charlotte, “I got to see the first step, hear the first word. Most people – and certainly many working moms – are not lucky enough to get that. I wanted to appreciate the fact that I had worked so hard all my life to be able to have those moments. I don’t regret anything about making that choice.” [ONTD]
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