Lindsay Lohan & Sean Penn Spend The Night Together

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  • Lindsay Lohan and Sean Penn: Hung out all evening. For real. And! Is LL in denial about the fact that Samantha Ronson has broken up with her? [Page Six]
  • Lindsay looks pretty good in this behind-the-scenes video from her Interview magazine cover shoot. [Pop Dirt]
  • Close friends and family attended the memorial service for Jett Travolta yesterday afternoon. Lisa Marie Presley, James Gandolfini, Kirstie Alley, Garth Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood, Forest Whitaker and wife Keisha were among the mourners. [USA Today]
  • Nicole Kidman on watching herself in Australia: “I squirmed in my seat. I can’t look at this movie and be proud of what I’ve done. I sat there and I looked at Keith and went, ‘Am I any good in this movie?'” [Daily Mail]
  • Angelina and Brad are not, repeat, not married. Taraji P. Henson slipped when she called Angelina Brad’s wife: “I mean, they have a family, they live together. What is married really? It’s like they are married.” [Yahoo News via E!]
  • Wow, the Golden Globes website announced that Anne Hathaway won a Golden Globe for Rachel Getting Married a few days early! The info has since disappeared, but if you’re in an office pool, consider this one a freebie. [Socialite Life via New York Mag, JustJared]
  • Katie Holmes walked into a busy Dean & Deluca in SoHo, Manhattan yesterday, carrying Suri. She waited on line to pay for a cookie for Suri and then walked down the block to Uniqlo, where Suri ate her cookie and Katie bought cardigans. [WWD]
  • Lily Allen is giving up clubbing! She has a whole new modus operandi: “I hang out with much older people. I go for dinners at posh places and talk about art. I’m meeting more interesting people who tax my brain.” [The Sun]
  • Ashley Olsen doesn’t wash her hands when she leaves a public toilet. [Page Six]
  • Oh dear. Everything was going so well down in the Caribbean. But now Amy Winehouse has hurled a glass of water at a female tourist. She apologized. But a source says: “She walks around in the same grimy bikini bottoms each day with her boobs on show, gets drunk, gropes waiters and is rude to male staff. She’s hardly the most popular guest.” But, isn’t that the way people act on vacation? [The Sun]
  • Fill in the blank! Twilight star Robert Pattinson said the following to a chick at a bar in L.A.: “If I could, I’d have a _____ on the inside of my elbow so I could lick it all day long.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie, Bruno, is sure to piss some people off: There’s a black model called Jesus wearing a loincloth and a crown of thorns; and Bruno, the gay Austrian fashion journalist, along with his boyfriend, Diesel, adopts an orphaned African baby boy named David and takes the kid to fashion shows. [Telegraph]
  • Kanye West talks about his run-ins with the paparazzi in the new issue of Vibe: “I haven’t done anything violent. They make it seem like I actually went and hit the paparazzi. I haven’t. I was restrained. I’m good at restraining myself from committing violent acts. I know how to control my temper. That one paparazzo made it a bigger deal. I just put my hand up and he felt like he had more right to my personal space than I did. I put my hand up to stop him from shooting me.” [Concrete Loop]
  • Jermaine Dupri, like so many others lately, is out of a job. He was president of Island Records Urban Music. [Perez]
  • This report claims Dupri was fired… because he stopped coming to work. [Page Six]
  • Some trickster sent a handwritten letter and a demo CD to Rolling Stone in the name of Sean “Puffy” Combs, along with a pack of gum and a photo of Diddy, “intended as bribes.” Nice try. [Rolling Stone]
  • There’s something oddly charming about this Chloë Sevigny Esquire interview, like when she explains her name: “The umlaut isn’t on my birth certificate. I had this book as a child called Chloë and Maude, and there was an umlaut on the e, and I said, I want that! It’s a little flair. Just to confuse people even more. People always come up to me and say, Oh, you’re Chloë Se-VIG-ny, right? Sevigny. Number seven, letter e.” [Esquire]
  • You probably forgot that R. Kelly was married, so it will probably come as a shock to you that he is now officially divorced. [E!]
  • Fergie’s wedding to Josh Duhamel this saturday will be a “blinged-out affair.” She’s working with H. Stern on the jewelry, which means a PR blitz, which means pictures of the ceremony in the weeklies, for sure. [WWD]
  • Patricia Arquette wants you to know that animal overpopulation is as easy as ABC: Animal Birth Control. [ONTD]
  • Blind item! “Which mega-athlete got duped by his wife? She swore she was on the pill but wasn’t, and that led to an unexpected bundle of joy.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones’ new NBC sitcom is not an Office spinoff; there’s a hospital involved, and Human Giant‘s Aziz Ansari will also star. He says: “The script is hilarious.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Will TR Knight stay with Grey’s Anatomy? Chandra Wilson says yes: “Every script that comes down has O’Malley’s name in it, so we’re going to do right by the fans, and we’re going to do right by the actors, but right now we’re all together.” [E!]
  • Lil’ Kim did not go to see the new flick about Notorious B.I.G., but Faith Evans, who was married to Big Poppa, says: “I couldn’t even watch the trailer without crying. I’m going to have to peel off my fake eyelashes!” [Gatecrasher]
  • If you’re interested in knowing what Kelly Clarkson’s new CD cover looks like, click away. [Perez]
  • Scott Weiland is out of rehab but still has a terrible temper; he was seen calling some woman a piece of trash and throwing a pack of cigarettes at her head. [Page Six]
  • Merle Haggard is suing an environmental awareness group for illegally using his name and likeness. But doesn’t the planet need the cash??? [AP]
  • Serena Williams looks all PLAKOW in this behind-the-scenes video from her shoot for H magazine. [The Life Files]
  • “I don’t really have any concept of how money works. I don’t know how much things cost. Like a BMW. Or a quart of milk. It’s embarrassing. My brother, when he was a commodities trader, would bring me the pamphlets you bring home to your children, like, ‘Daddy trades orange juice.'” — Chloë Sevigny. [Esquire]
  • “I do think it’s my best album to date. No, I actually know this is my best album to date. Do I think it will be my best album ever? No, I’ll improve. Do I think there are mistakes in it? Yes. There has to be. I’m a human being. But I think it surpasses Graduation. These 12 tracks are going to resonate more than any 12 tracks of any album this year.” — Kanye West on his current CD, 808s & Heartbreak. [Concrete Loop]
  • “I’ve been living two different lives. By day I’ve got the leading role in a movie, in spite of having no acting training and very little experience. That’s weird in itself. And at night I go home and my mum is telling me to make my bed, keep my room tidy and help with the washing-up. It keeps my feet on the ground, stops me from letting it all go to my head.” — Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire. [Daily Mail]
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