Lingerie: Awesome Or Awkward?


Welcome to Jezebel After Midnight, in which we indulge in sexy sex talk.

What looks “sexy” and what actually feels sexy are often not the same. Lingerie is an interesting conundrum. Supposedly alluring stuff — like the items above, all from Frederick’s Of Hollywood — can often seem completely bizarre and unappealing. Years ago, I had a boyfriend who loved me in plain white cotton panties, which seemed boring to me, sorta, but at least they were comfortable.

I’ve tried teddies, fishnets, thongs, push-up bras, camisoles, bustiers and garters, but when it comes right down to it, I love wearing cotton underwear and cotton pajamas. Which are not sexy, I guess, in the traditional sense. But at least I don’t feel like a leg of lamb trussed for the oven. Strappy doodads and crotchless panties look painful, and I feel sexy when I’m comfortable.

Sadie has written about her love of Dollhouse Bettie, where one can find retro-fabulous bras and high-waisted undies, which are sexy without being complicated or revealing. Of course, while lots of women love this stuff, others see them as “granny panties.” And men… well, check out the comment on these sheer high-waisted undies:

husband doesn’t like this, but I do.

The truth is, when I’m getting busy, I’m likely to go straight from fully clothed to the birthday suit. Naked is better than lingerie, in my opinion. But I still love check out Dollhouse Bettie, the plus-size stuff over at Secrets In Lace, and the pin-up styles at Lucy B. I don’t actually make any purchases, but hey, it’s like the motto from the lotto: You never know.

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