Live Blog: E! Oscars Red Carpet 2010


Let’s play a drinking game for E!’s red carpet coverage. Take a shot every time Giuliana Rancic asks a celebrity about a diet or workout regimen. Every time she mentions her crush on George Clooney, chug.

8:00 Sherri Shepherd totally thought that Ryan Seacrest was going to talk to her.

But she was totally dissed for Chris Pine, of all people.

7:52 Every time someone mentions Crazy Heart to me, I can’t get that song about flying and falling out of my head.

7:45 Ha. Gerard Butler is really emphasizing the “just pals” thing with Jennifer Aniston.

7:42 Giuliana made a Clooney reference. Chug!

7:40 Dear Keanu,
Stop trying to do what you can’t. No, I’m not talking about acting, but growing a beard.

7:33 I don’t know about that J. Lo dress. It seems like she could hide Marc Anthony in there.

7:12 Nice toupee, Tim McGraw. And nice toupee, guy behind Faith Hill.

7:05 I love that, an hour later, Mickey Rooney is still chillin’ around the E! cameras.

7:02 Giuliana isn’t even interviewing anyone tonight, so that means I’m friggin’ sober.

6:52 Eli Roth looks like a ventriloquist dummy. I’d put my fist up that. Ew, what am I saying!? No I wouldn’t. But maybe a finger around the rim.

6:50 Just cuz:

6:42 Has anyone seen An Education (awesome feminist movie, BTW)? Peter Sarsgaard is the only man in the world who sounds less gay with an English accent.

6:41 Vera Farmiga’s foot-in-mouth moment:

6:36 Ryan Seacrest: “Sandra Bullock is kinda like a chick that’s half a dude. And I mean that as a compliment.” Actually, I’d take that as an insult from anyone other than closet gay men. Whatever works for him, I guess.

6:33 E! just shared some stills from the “Telephone” video which is premiering later this week.

6:32 Whoa, Vera Farminga just kinda put her foot in her mouth for publicly not rooting for Jason Reitman for best director. Good for her! (Clip to come.)

6:27 Who would’ve thought that Zoe Saldana would come so far from Crossroads and Center Stage? I love Center Stage, BTW. (Why was there only one gay guy at the ballet academy?)

6:20 OMG, it was Mickey Rooney! He’s still alive!

6:16 Hurry up and be done, commercial break. I need the scoop on Mariah’s baby backpack. Seriously, who is she wearing?

6:10 These two. Oy.

6:09 I hate when Ryan Seacrest tries to play it straight by pretending he doesn’t know the proper names of colors.

6:03 Check out this WaPo article (which quotes a Jezebel post) about how Giuliana “can not be humiliated.”

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