Live Blog: E!'s Grammys Red Carpet


And so it begins: The dresses! The embarrassing questions! The awkward segues! The road to the best dressed and the worst dressed lists start here, so feel free to make the case for your favorites in the comments.

7:57: I think things are wrapping up on the red carpet, crew, so be sure to switch over to our Grammys Live Blog thread, which will be up at 8pm. See you there!

7:53 Colbie Callat’s dress is really pretty. As to the designer? “He’s from Europe.”

7:52: Rihanna is wearing some sort of white feathery dress.

7:51: Ryan Seacrest is self-promoting, again. This guy. Ugh.

7:50: Ne-Yo is promoting his protege, who is clearly expressing that she’s an artist that he’s signed, and Seacrest is being a dick about it. “I’ve heard a lot of words for date, but artists, not often!”

7:47: I think Gaga is avoiding Seacrest. Can you blame her?

7:45:Ryan is all alone on his sad little red carpet box. He saw Britney…but she kept walking by him, apparently. Dissed by the Legendary Miss Britney Spears! Living legend, you can look but don’t touch, and so on and so forth.

7:44 Prediction: Ciara will be on the worst dressed list tomorrow.

7:41 I feel like we’ve seen Sheryl Crow in this dress before.

7:40 Ke$ha says her life has changed because she “can buy myself a taco these days.” I feel like it’s tough to pull off the eye makeup and hair feather when Lady Gaga is in the same room, dressed as a demented fairy from Jupiter.

7:39: Beyonce has silver streaks in her hair, and I kind of love them. I’m still not convinced about the dress.

7:37 I can’t pay attention to Slash because they’re showing footage of Gaga in the background. She looks very serious tonight.

7:36 I’m going to need a better view of Beyonce’s dress, I think. The Glam Cam most likely didn’t do it justice.

7:35: No, seriously. Am I missing something? WTF is she wearing?!

7:34 Um, you guys? What the hell is Beyonce wearing?

7:33Ugh. Kings of Leon. These are the guys who act like they’re too cool to be here, but secretly are so fucking excited to be here that they can’t handle it.

7:31 Taylor Swift always kills it on the red carpet, doesn’t she? She’s unsurprisingly in sparkles, though it looks like she’s moving in a more mature direction. Also, I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to fashion, but that kind of made sense, right? Get used to this dress: the prediction is that it’s going to be Swift’s night.

7:29 And here’s my mom’s boyfriend, Keith Urban. It must be so weird for Nicole Kidman to be at one of these things, where she’s sort of the sidekick. Kidman is dressed for the Oscars at the Grammys, I’m afraid. She’s also trying to slouch for Urban’s benefit, but it’s not working.

7:27 Jamie Foxx lets his family handle Ryan Seacrest. And now we have Miley Cyrus, who is possibly going to play Demi Moore’s daughter in something. Miley: “No, I’m not engaged.” The ring she’s wearing is a cheap ring she bought for herself.

7:26: Wyclef says he has organized the 25th anniversary of “We Are The World” and all proceeds will go to Haiti. Ryan gets serious for 2.1 seconds about Haiti before brushing Wyclef aside in favor of Jamie Foxx.

7:25: I can’t really figure out Carrie Underwood’s dress. It’s simple…but it’s also kind of complicated.

7:24: Ryan, you aren’t invited to everyone’s wedding. Stop asking.

7:21: Pink says she’s better at writing songs when she’s heartbroken, much to her husband Carey Hart’s dismay. Why is Ryan continually trying to get in every couple’s business? It’s so, so creepy.

7:16: Don’t you kind of love how Ryan is now more intimidated of Jennifer Hudson’s star power than the other way around from the American Idol days?

7:15 Seacrest works ANOTHER reference to his own dating life in while talking to Maxwell.


7:12 The American Idol cross-promotion is so gross. And nobody cares about Kara. Whatever. That show is nothing without Abdul. NOTHING!

7:10 Keri Hilson’s dress is very simple and very pretty. Guiliana is talking to her like she’s stupid, for some reason.

7:05 And now we’re having another creepy conversation about Ryan spying on a couple’s secret love life. That’s enough, Seacrest.

7:02: Ryan says the Black Eyed Peas have already won 3 Grammys, which pretty much sums up everything that is wrong about the Grammys. Fergie’s dress is kind of fun though, right?

7:01: Ryan wants the details on Seal and Heidi’s Valentine’s Day plans. It’s…creepy.

7:00: Guiliana really knows how to backhand, doesn’t she? “I’m here with Kaley Cuoco…the actress?”

6:59 Usher is making me look forward to the Michael Jackson tribute.

6:54: Katy Perry is wearing a bindi, because she just went to India and has this “whole kind of India thing.” Oh man. Shades of Gwen circa 1995, no? She says she knew Russell Brand was going to propose because she “saw it on Google Alerts.” Ryan Seacrest has offered to marry them, and Katy Perry was like, “Uh, no.”

6:53: Katy Perry and Russell Brand are really cute together. He says he proposed to her “just like, really politely.”

6:51 This “girls stand still, guys have fun” bullshit is out of control. I’m about to crash that Glam Cam myself, screaming, “More fun! More fun” a la Gordon Bombay.

6:48 Stephen Colbert is sort of half-in character and half-out of character, which is weird. For Lady Gaga’s second outfit, he says, “They’re just going to spray her down with glue and run her through a Build-A-Bear Workshop.”

6:46: The only thing more boring than watching other people play video games is watching people play video games while Ryan Seacrest asks them questions. Also, side note: I read an article in the NYTimes wherein it was revealed that Justin Bieber has a “swagger coach.” I want a “swagger coach.”

6:45 Gaga is dressed like a futuristic Glinda the Good Witch. It is amazing.

Reminder, Crew: Sadie will be constantly updating the front page with red carpet pics as they come in, so keep checking for the most current snap judgments!

6:40: Do you think Jay is kind of pissed that silver hair is really trendy now?

6:39 Weirdest red carpet comment thus far: “With all respect to Taco Bell, it’s not that kind of Mexican food.”- Carlos Santana, discussing his Mexican restaurant

6:37 OMG GAGA! She looks like she’s wearing a million hula hoops! Like it was designed by the Doozers from Fraggle Rock! I LOVE IT! “It’s verrrry short in the front,” Guiliana notes, “Does she know that?” Uh, yeah. I think she’s aware.

6:34 The Situation is in the Glam Cam. The Situation’s entire life is a Glam Cam. And what is UP with Jay Manuel’s insistence that the dudes can have fun in the stupid contraption, but the ladies have to keep it classy? IT’S NOT A CLASSY THING, DUDE. IT’S A 360 CAMERA ON E!

6:32 Remember when your “hip” uncle “discovered” The Strokes in like, 2006? That’s sort of the equivalent of Guiliana talking to MGMT right now. Nice outfits, dudes.

6:30:BTW: Taylor Swift won a Grammy earlier tonight, and Lady Gaga, according to Twitter, has already won two.

6:28: Evangeline Lilly is on a L’Oreal hair commercial, telling us “I’m just like you.” My boyfriend just yelled back at the TV: “You’re not like me, Kate! You’re a murderer!” He’s a bit excited about LOST.

6:26: Brad and Angelina are still together, because this guy saw them together last night, so case closed, Encyclopedia Brown. This guy also heard something about Ferris Bueller last night at 32 Flavors.

6:23: Kathy Griffin is being interviewed twice, and is proud that she’s in the real Grammys, and not the “Schmammys.”

6:17: Guiliana Rancic is taking this opportunity to get really serious about Kanye West, via Common. I kind of feel bad for her sometimes. Remember when Melissa Joan Hart wanted everyone to sign her yearbook in Can’t Hardly Wait? I feel like she grew up to be a correspondent for one of these shows. “These are precious memories, people! You’re supposed to cherish them forever!”

6:09 Common says he has a stylist, but then he puts his “umph” to it.

6:08…And American Idol continues it’s tradition of continually spotlighting people who have no chance of winning until the act gets old.

6:07: Seeing Kathy Griffin on the red carpet is actually depressing, as I’d much rather see her doing the commentary than Seacrest. Still: it’s kind of fun to see her be famous enough to be kind of above Seacrest in this situation, no?

6:06: OMG, how stupid is this E! Glam Cam 360?! I’d tell you to drink every time it shows up, but you’d be drunk by 6:30, and with many more spinning shots of actresses cringing in the Glam Cam to come, that would be bad news, bears.

6:05: I don’t watch Glee (I know! I know!) but Lea Michelle is gorgeous, and so is her dress.

6:05:: Guiliana wants to know if it’s hard for Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer to keep it real and find real friends, now that they’re famous. They are totally making fun of her to her face, and I’m not sure she knows it.

6:04:Jay Manuel is not impressed with how the ladies are posing in the ridiculous 360 glam cam. It’s totally okay, however, for dudes to act out “their Matrix fantasies.”

6:01: Ryan Seacrest wants us to know that this is the “coolest red carpet on Earth.” He also wants us to know that musicians don’t do limos—they arrive in Suburbans.

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